Velodyne dd series 10 or 12 v. Rel Strata III

Has anybody compared these two subs? How musical are each? How fast compared to each other. They would be for use in a two channel system with BV Audio A300s, arcam 23T cd player and totem forests (although forests may be changed out). Room is fairly large 24x16 with marble floors and 23 ft ceilings.

I agree. I'd like to hear from anyone that has compared these subs as well. For the longest time I've considered getting a REL Stadium III that would serve double duty for both my music and home theater systems, but I've heard so many good things about the Velodyne Digital Drives even in music only systems, I'm wondering how a DD-10 or DD-12 would work for me.
I looked at several subs including the Rel's and the one I won is the DD12. I love it! It is not only designed to compensate and adjust the equalization for the room and speakers you use. But it also has 6 pre-set contour and servo settings that you customize to your tastes. I use 1-3 for movies and 4-6 for music. Depending on the type of soundtrack or music.source I am listening to. This Velodyne I beleive will set a new standard in subwoofer adjustability.
I never did get to hear the REL subs, but I considered them. Ultimately, I ended up with a DD-12, and I am incredibly pleased with it. Very musical, and very fast. The servo on the DD series is Velodyne's best yet, and it is stupid fast!

FWIW, Stereophile Ultimate A/V just gave the DD-12 a very positive review, and I believe that TAS and Stereophile have also reviewed Digital Drive subs recently and all gave glowing reviews.

REL is no slouch, to be sure, and have a great reputation. But the Velodyne Digital Drive subs are also very worthy, and the performance of the DD-12 greatly exceeded my expectations.
Thanks to all for the info. Has anybody heard the Totem Thunder?
I am a longtime fan of REL and I like them so much that I sold my system but kept the Storm III. However, what other posters say about the DD series is true, they are so wonderful that unless you have no problems with room-induced resonances Velodyne is the sub to buy.
The features of the DD series are amazing.
Download the manual from Velo's site and read up on all it will do for you, and just how tune-able & versatile they are.
Vladmir - can you explain room-induced resonances and why the rel might be better than the velo if that is a problem.

I have been saying this for quite some time. The DD-15 in my basement has made such an improvement in my 2-channel listening I can't quite explain. Full range 2-channel that is seemless. Every now and then I hit the mute on the sub. just to see if I really miss it. This sub. ROCKS. I cannot get into the music if I don;t have the sub. on.
Vladimir - I just re-read your post and I misunderstood. No additional explanation is required. Thanks.
I have actually owned both the DD-10, 12, and REL Storm III. Everything said above is true about the advantages of Velodyne because of their superior technology (& flexibility to the nth degree). That said, a few observations for anyone looking at buying these three
1) Between the two Velodynes, the 10 inch is all you need if you don't have a huge room or listen to organ music (see notes below if you're interested in why).
2) Between Velodyne and REL in general, what the Velodyne gives you is peace of mind because you can see (instead of just hear) on your TV what the sub is doing graphically (and allow you to make it nearly perfect easily), and also the servo technology makes it so fast and accurate (less distortion). It will produce the notes faithfully and you can see as well as hear it. Once you've done that, you feel like you know you have the best and don't need to go shopping anymore, which ultimately makes you sit back and enjoy the music.
3) All that said, don't discount REL. If properly set up per their instructions, they are wonderfully musical subwoofers - let's face it, science tells us that small levels of distortion at lowest frequencies is nearly inaudible - I might even guess that some of this distortion is what makes the REL sound so good ! Make no mistake though, the REL blows away most other 'box' subwoofers, even the cheaper Velodynes. What am I getting at? Well, you could argue that if you find two Strata's or Storms used for a good price (less than a Velodyne), the stereo pair when set up right might be a great thing.
4) Last, if you listen mainly to music that doesn't go much below 40 Hz, either sub is fine, and the REL might even be better, because all of their posturing about "loading the room" really seems to work well. It gives you the spatial clues that only bass information can provide. Again, if you listen to organ music (or other music with one note pitches at 16-32 Hz), the Velodyne will please you most.

I needed the '12' -- I have recordings that required the larger model - like one (Raven Records; Holst Planets) where the organist plays 5ths in the pedals (like the tympany in the original score, I believe on Saturn). As organists/audio nerds know, playing 5ths creates harmonics an octave below (known as "resultants" on the organ registration), and in this recording the organist is already using 32 foot pipes here (so technically you're getting pitches that 64' pipes would create). Anyway, it sounded like the 10 inch was regulated enough to not "blow" (bring in images of Scotty here from original Star Trek), but simply could not move enough air to make it sound realistic. It sounded strained. The 12 inch (do the math on the surface area between the two drivers!) did it just fine... love to hear the 15 or 18...