Velodyne DD Series

How much faster is the DD-12 than the DD-15? Is it faster?
I own the DD12 and I beleive they should be adjustable to the same "speed" . The servo control should be the same.
Are you sure that there is such a thing as "fast" bass?
My question didn't ask if bass in general is fast, but what the relative speed of the 12 is to the 15.
Relative speed is not, therefore, speed?
I don't think the 12 would sound any faster than either the 15 or the 18.
The bass on the last subwoofer I auditioned was sooo fast that it left the room before I even heard it.
slow bass = mushy bass that sounds like its too slow to keep up with the rest of the music. subwoofer very noticable

fast bass = integrates very well with mains, high transient energy, dynamic and tight