Velodyne DD-15 setup question


I own a DD-15 that I use mostly for HT and once in a while in a 2 channel environment. My system consists of a univeral Esoteric UX-3 SE going into a Mcintosh C2200 preamp and into a McIntosh MC402 amp and onto some PMC IB1's for my 2 channel setup. In the same rig I have satellite and the above source going into a Myryad MDP 500 G6 processor and to the 402 amp and Odyssey HT-3 3 channel amp. The Mcintosh C2200 acts as a pass through piece in this realm. My question is.... should I be setting up the DD-15 for both the 2 channel setup and the HT setup separately? I'm thinking of the CUSTOM setup (#5) to augment my 2 channel listening if needed, and the other tailorable setups (1-4) as my HT. Should I be doing my room correction sweeps for both modalities? Should I set my processor to control the sub characteristics or leave the sub to control all below 80 Hz? Should I set all things on the processor as I want it before doing the room correction sweeps? I know it sounds a bit complex, but I'm counting on advice from my fellow audio/video docs! Thanks. Dave
I have a DD-12 and McIntosh MX135 with MC352/MC7205 amps and use my system for both HT and Stereo. I have tried a number of set up configurations on the DD12 and have settled on resetting the default setting #1 to the room and use if for both HT and Stereo. I found that I preferred to set the DD12 for a tighter quicker bass for movies as well. I realize that some like the bass a little more "tubby or muddy" for movies. But I think it is more accurate to have it quicker. So what I do when swithing back and forth is either adjust the Sub output level on the MX135 through the trim feature or adjust the volume on the Velo. I have my crossover set at 60 but that seems to work best with my Revels. They can go down to 30 on thier own so they overlap pretty seamlessly. Another method I did for a while was have the settings on the Velo all the same for all 6 presets and just made adjustments to the volume for each and that way I could switch back and forth rather quickly.
The way I set up the 2-channel is with the amp. left and right to the DD-15 right and left inputs.

If the sub sees a digital input,it will use that first.

I sweep the room without the sub. to see how it looks.

I then add the sub. on auto.

One thing I found that works well is to put the sub next to one of the mains. I makes the sub blend in even better.

The cross over is yours to play with.
Do you guys have any suggestions on setting up dual subs for 2-channel with the Velodyne system? I am using the SMS-1, not a DD sub.
Theo, Did you try setting the xover from sub to Revels lower than 60hz, say around 30hz? A 30hz/12db roll-off still delivers bass up through 40hz. My Merlin VMXs have similar bass extension as your Revels down to 30hz. With the DD-15 & 2CH, if the main speakers are up to it, I find it cleaner to minimize overlap in the xover region by rolling off quickly down low. I set each preset identically, except for various volume boosts for different listening levels and source components. The ear likes 5db or more of boost in bass below 30hz, but things get muddy if you're boosting bass in the 40hz-60hz range. I agree that the DD sounds better with the servo control set high for all sources.
No 60 is as low as my pre-pro permits. I would love to have that option though.
I have a question about the DD15 too. I am using a modified emu0404 sound card with XLR left and right outs and a RCA spdf digital out to a pair of self powered Tannoy Ellipse 8’s. Can I hookup the DD15 to this setup? If so, then I will be buying a DD15 or DD18. I need something for the bottom end that also has the sms-1 capability.

I can change the RCA digital out to AES/EBU if that helps.
If the soundcard has full-range analog XLR L/R outputs, you can convert them to RCA with a plug converter or a custom cable and connect to the RCA L/R line-level inputs of the DD sub. Then set the sub's LPF & digital EQ to blend with the Tannoys. Should work fine.