Velodyne DD-10 vrs Velodyne HGS-12x

Considering these two subwoofers. Stereo system: Merlin VSM speakers, Wadia cd player, and Mark Levinson 383 integrated amp. My main use is for music listening: Jazz, soul,salsa,and some classical-esp. Bach. I'm aware of the setup and microphone program included with the DD-10. The HGS-12X costs less and price is a consideration. Any thoughts on which sub would be better. I narrowed down my choice to Velodyne because they're located in California and if I had any problems it would be easier for me to get repairs done. Of course I'm hoping to get bullet-proof sub that is good for music and trouble free. Thank you for any opinions.
Dear Foghead: Great speakers. My advise is that you should go for the HGS-12 ( second hand ) not the 12X or DD10.

Please read carefully these links:

Regards and enjoy the music.

Get the DD10 or better yet, the DD12. The "room correction" software makes a huge difference. I can see absolutely no reason to purchase a sub that doesn't have room correction. It completely fixed all of the negative issues with my suspended hardwood floor and boomy bass. The bass response is now virtually flat from 25-125 HZ with a dip at 65 HZ.

Dips I can live with, but all of the peaks are finally gone.
Both suggestions have merit and you can achieve the desired result by using the Behringer DEQ2496. The DEQ2496 is a very high quality EQ that can be had for right around $300 (look on eBay). I agree with Raul that the HGS12 for right around $1000 used, is a good choice (and I think Velodyne charges way too much of a premium for their built in EQ) and mating with the DEQ2496 will give you the room eq advantages that Fid suggested.

Even better the DEQ2496 supports 2 channels so you could go with multiple corrected subs which can provide the best in-room response.

Good Luck
The DD series subs do not have a simple EQ. The have a complete room correction system. The DD-15 has brought my system to a new level. It also(with the 2.0 software)can store multipul sweeps for different inputs. The auto EQ is also worth a couple bucks. When I see what people are willing to spend on a pair I/C's,this is a fantastic upgrade for a moderate amount of money.

Flemke, you are right on the money. The change that the DD-12 room correction made to the bass response in my system radically improved my system.

With all of the bass response problems that everyone seems to have with their rooms, I still can't imagine why every sub manufacturer isn't doing what Velodyne is doing. The room correction system is simple and easy to use. Only took me about two hours to experiment and dial things in.

Sure REl, Velodyne, Vandersteen, etc. all make quality sub-woofers, but without room correction the dips and peaks still exist with all of them. I don't care how good your sub is, it won't fix room induced problems by itself. The Velodyne will.