Velo DD-12 connections for 2ch/HT system

Hello,I have just purchased a DD-12. I am trying to incorporate this fine subwoofer into both a HT and a 2 channel setup. In the HT setup, I have a Myryad processor going to both a 2 channel and a 3 channel amp for 5 channels. I use a Mcintosh C2200 as a pass through unit to get sound from the 2 front channels in this setting. I also use this system for 2 channel listening. I have the previously mentioned preamp going to a 2 channel amp (MC402 from mcintosh) and out to my speakers. My question is.... how do I connect this sub for HT and 2 channel listening. Run a cable from the processor to a sub input and a balanced cable from the preamp to the sub as well? When using a preamp as a pass through can I just use a balanced cable from the preamp only and when it is used as in pass through mode, will the signal to the sub be picked up in HT from the preamp? Please clarify the best scenario in a 2 channel and HT when using a preamp as a HT pass through. Any help or advice is much appreciated.Thank you. Dave
I own the DD12 myself but I am using the MX135 which allows me to use only one connection to the DD12. If I read your question correctly I understand you basically have two systems in which you wish to incorporate the single sub. If you only have one set of speakers, I think your best safe solution would be to run the stereo speaker pass thru connections on the DD12 and use the Pre-Pro sub out directly to the sub input on the DD12. Then use one of your 6 presets and designate it for the stereo setting when you use the Mc side of the system. I can tell you once you get all the settings dialed in on the DD12 you will love it. I have been using mine for about 18 mos. now and would only consider trading the 12 in for 2 -10s. Otherwise I am there as far as subs go.
Theo, are you saying run a cable (Y) out from the processor into the paired RCA inputs in the sub? How do I incorporate using the sub for 2 channel when I use my preamp for control in the same system? It gets tricky with setup when you have limited inputs into the sub and when using a preamp as a PASSTHRU between processor and amp. Thanks. Dave