VDH the FROG on VPI Scout Lyra Dorian

My turntable is sounding a bit odd at the moment s bit of a hissing sound. It is hard to describe. But I think maybe my Lyra Dorian is worn out. I will have the turntable plus cart checked out to see if cart has been worn out or if there is an other problem.

But like a "true" audiophile I was already browsing the net to see what is available. I did notice that Lyra Cartridges have become a lot more expensive. If I remember correctly the Derian used to be less then $1000, the Delos is $1600. That is a big step up.

But then I ran into the reason why I started this topic. Someone is offering a VDH the FROG. For a really nice price. But I am not sure if it will work good with a VPI Scout. The specs of the FROG says that the effective arm mass should be between 8 and 14 grams. I am not sure but isn't the VPI just a bit to low? I think I have a VPI headshell weight somewhere. But not sure if that is a good idea.
Dear Mordante: I don't see a real trouble on matching your tonearm with The Frog.

The Frog is a very good performer and IMHO always welcomed in any audio system because its quality performance level..

My take: go ahead with.

Regards and enjoy the music,
Don't forget the trade in value. You can get a Dorian for $1300 with trade in at Needle Doctor, maybe less elsewhere. If you like the cart, maybe that's the way to go. Maybe not.
Check with VPI....they will know for sure.
VDH recommends a tonearm effective mass of 6 to 10g, for the
Frog. If your Scout has the JWM-9 arm; it's effective mass
8.6g. Should be an excellent setup.
I have used some very pure alcohol too clean the needle. It gave some improvement but I am not sure yet. Most of the distortion is gone now. But as soon as there is some dust on the needle the distortion is back. In the past I never had this problem. Or at least not on this level.
Given the well documented variability of QC regarding vdH products, I would avoid them.