VDH The First vs The First Ultimate MKII


I've been Intrigued to find out how carbon cables perform, but I wasn't willing to spend £200+ on the VDH The First Ultimate MKII interconnect straight off the bat.

However, I was lucky to find a pristine pair of VDH The First (non-"Ultimate" ), still with original box on an auction site for £70. The previous owner had upgraded to Cardas ICs; correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe these were VDH's first carbon ICs, or certainly the original in the The First line of carbon ICs.

I've been playing through The First for a couple of days, and I am thoroughly enjoying them; lovely smoothness, complement my system nicely, and my preference for a little warmth.

I was wondering, as my curiosity has been rewarded with these, The First, would the Ultimate mkii's be a worthwhile upgrade over The First originals?

Has anyone taken this same path?


Thanks everyone

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I found the vdH Orchids had a lot more detail than the First without being harsh. No experience with the MKII. The Seconds I had were a little dark.