VDH Ampere value on AC wires...help me please...

Hello everyone,

I have a Audio Refinement Complete Int. Amp (2 x 50W)and I was looking for an AC cable.

Now the problem is....VanDenHul has 2 types of AC cables with different "ampere" values. MAINSSTREAM HYBRID is 16 amperes and MAINSSERVER HYBRID is 6 amperes. First one is twice the price of the second so I dont want to spend more than I really need.

VDH internet site says the 6 ampere cord is designed mainly for "source" components but because my amp is a fairly low power amp I am guessing that I can get away with the cheaper one. What do you think? Any electronics majors? :)

thank you...

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so what may be the potential disadvantage of using a 6 amperes cable with a low powered amp?