VDH Ampere value on AC wires...help me please...

Hello everyone,

I have a Audio Refinement Complete Int. Amp (2 x 50W)and I was looking for an AC cable.

Now the problem is....VanDenHul has 2 types of AC cables with different "ampere" values. MAINSSTREAM HYBRID is 16 amperes and MAINSSERVER HYBRID is 6 amperes. First one is twice the price of the second so I dont want to spend more than I really need.

VDH internet site says the 6 ampere cord is designed mainly for "source" components but because my amp is a fairly low power amp I am guessing that I can get away with the cheaper one. What do you think? Any electronics majors? :)

thank you...

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a standard cord is 15 amps, maybe this one won't give any better performance. If money is a conern, buy a variety of off the shelf stuff like the voltex and that other one JPS sells and have at it. You can exeriment with all the sonic flavors.

so what may be the potential disadvantage of using a 6 amperes cable with a low powered amp?