VD Revelation vs Stereovox and soundstage

I’m looking for new cable for my system Avalon Eidolon, ARC Ref3, CAT JL2, Meridian 508.24, NBS Master III through out.

My choices are Virtual Dynamics Revelation and Stereovox. I was able to listen to Stereovox in my system and I enjoyed this cable. It improved image and its music reproduction was more natural compared to NBS Master III. It also gave more weight to each note.

I won’t be able to audition Revelation cable. I know that it improves imaging and dynamics. But what about soundstage? I had an experience of putting NBS Statement Extreme in my system. Imaging and dynamics improved dramatically but soundstage became smaller and existed only between speakers.

Can you please comment on Virtual Dynamics Revelation in regard to soundstaging and if you can, compare it to Stereovox.
I have used the Virtual Dynamics Revelation in my system, and I did not experience any diminshing in the soundstage. Prior to the Revelation ICs I was using Purist Venustus. I don't know how helpful that will be, but I think Virtual Dynamics cables are very good, and at that point in the line there are very few cables that sound better IME.

I have not heard the Stereovox cables yet, but a friend is sending me a pair to audition. Unfortunately this will not be done for a while since they are balanced cables and only my phono stage has balanced outputs, and my turntable is in Chicago for an upgrade.

I wish I could have offered a direct comparison. I know people who own Stereovox cables and are very happy, although a comment I heard was the speaker cables made a bigger improvement than the ICs. If this was court that statement would be thrown out as 'hearsay' so TIFWIW.
I put one Rev. I/C into my system and about fell over at what I was hearing. Soundstage is'nt a concern with this cable. You will get so much of everything with this cable.
I still have a hard time beliving all this info was on the disc and was never heard before. I upgraded from the master series, which is a great cable also. The Rev just gives you so much more. Macro, micro, timming, since of scale, soundstage ect. I also have not heard the other cable. This is what you will hear with the Rev cable and more. Brian
Dear Brouch

Let me know please what components you have in your system and what cable you used prior VD Master?

I have had both VD Revelations and Stereovox IC's in my system. The Stereovox was good, but the Revelations were better. I never did hear the Stereovox speaker cables. I got a Revelation Signature IC for my source (APL modded Denon 3910 player) and was so impressed I got a few more Revelation ICs, a power cable and also biwire Revelation speaker cables for my speakers (Legacy Whispers). The speaker cables replaced Audience AU24s, which had replaced Monster Sigma Retro Golds.

Soundstage deepened by about 20 feet on most material, imaging is excellent and there is more "presence/immediacy" to the sound. In other words, if you close your eyes, you are about 3rd row of the concert in your listening room. ALtho the macro-dynamics are impressive, the micro-dynamics are even more so, as I am hearing things on discs I haven't heard before. I know thats a well-worn cliche, but in my system now, it is true. Bass is lightening-quick and tight, mids are sweet and highs just sound "right". Simply put, there is just more "music" coming thru to my ears since I added Revelation wires and cables.

3 cautionary items if you decide on Revelation cables: 1- They are stiff, so I found it best to prebend them for the least amount of brain-damage; 2- They take a while to fully break-in. Altho they sound fine after 100 hours or so, they really shine after about 800, in fact, to a new level in my system, and 3- There is a definite synergy the more of these cables are in your system. I was skeptical, but it turned out be very true.

Hope this helps.
I just had a friend over who said that the soundstage couldn't get any bigger or better.The sound off of cathederals is stunning in how open and natural the venue can be.Height and width are way beyond any walls in front of or on the sides of the listening room.If you really want the best cable then you may want to consider the new Revelation Signature,I have it from a very trusted source that the new Rev Sig handily beat the Sunny cables as well as the Peter Gabriel silver cable in a shoot out.The spectators all confirmed that it was a sweep for the VD Rev Sig cable and that it was the most natural in the presentation.If you want to buy one of your last cables then you should think of this as your next cable.Take care Dennis
Thanks Cenline,

I posted a thread about the Sunny cables on 3-23-06 that basically got "laughed at"....so be it.

A friend with Revelation cabling throughout mentioned the Signature Series being magnitudes better (imagine that !)

He is moving to the Revelation Signatures and I'm making the same move on my digital cable from the Master Series.
I cannot compare it to Stereovox, but I just bought a used pair of VD Revelation interconnects and they are head and shoulders better than any other cable I have ever heard (which includes about a half dozen that sell for +- $1,000 per meter).
Rx8man,you should seriously consider the Rev Sig since it has more resolution than the Rev.I Laughed also when I heard my rig attain sound that was so correct and musical.If you can afford the cake for the Signitures, then the this may be the last cable you buy {hard to imagine a better cable}.A fair warning is that this cable is a juggernot in build and weight.Take care Dennis

Your response mirrors mine, the sound is so correct and real it's pathetic !

Soon as I cough up some scratch plus the sale or trade of my cable, I'm in.

Rick is on a serious roll.
I agree with the comments above. Especially Fplanner200's 3 cautionary statments...long break-in time being very true. I also would agree that the signature version is a masterpiece and better than the regular revelation. Hard to imagine for a revelation owner..but true.
Thank you everyone for your response.
Other good cables apart form Stereovox and VD Rev came to my attention were Purist Audio Dominus and Synergistic Research Absolute Reference. Could you please comment if you had a chance to compare them with Stereovox?

I used to use SR Designers Ref X2 w/Active shielding. The VD Master and Revelation are better in all respects. Defintely a step change better.
How does the Kubala-Sosna Emotion compare sonically to the VD Revelation or the Stereovox? Has anyone made these comparisons?
I tried PAD Venustas and they colored the sound in a darkish way. They also pushed back the soundstage, which was opposite what I was looking for. Haven't tried Dominus or Kubalas - very happy where I am now.