VD nite power 3 vs Costum power model 11

The VD nite power 3, I always hear good things,
about this pc cable,how stff is this cable? Can
we also use it with cdp,what is the difference
between the model 11.(this pc is also very stiff).
Iam thinking of buying the p3 before the sale
would end.
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Jayctoy: I have no experience with the VD Power 3 or the Model 11, but offer this up to you as I know from a previous thread you do have experience with the Cardas Golden power cord, as I do. Check out the following:



I am not using the cord on a CD player, but the other party is, and his results were with the cord right after construction and without the cord being fully burned in (which for me took about 4-5 weeks drawing a fairly substantial current; if your were going to use it on a CD player, I'd probably just hook it up to your power amp, or even your computer tower for that time period to ensure that the cord is really broken in before putting it on your CD player). The cord is quite a bit better after proper break-in.

The JPS is relatively stiff, but certainly easier than the Cardas Golden to work with, and the Marinco connectors (which are not cheap) are substantially and audibly better IMO than the connectors used on the Power 3, which I do have experience with in another DIY application.

This cord is very easy to construct (no soldering), and I offer this info up only because the cord is so inexpensive (within $20-$30 of the Power 3 which you are considering) and offers such great performance.
HDM are you referring to JPS, what model, or are
selling cable? Tell me more.
I think Hdm is refering to JPS in wall cable available at:

This is a DIY project.

Good luck,
Yes, the link Mike posted above is the cable I'm referring to and it is a very simple DIY project.