VCR in the HDTV era

Can either the auto clock or auto channel set functions of a VCR work in the HDTV era?  I'm wondering if cable has any sort of backdrop signal that that VCR can use.
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I’m not sure, but I would imagine the JVC hm-dt100u and others might be able to. I could never rely on VCR’s to maintain proper time. As there are so many cable providers, I can’t speak to their capabilities or lack there of. The use of an external tv tuner might be able resuscitate older VCR’s.
K, I got a remote control off of ebay that works well enough.  Once I got a look at the menu options I saw that the default setting were fine.  I tried engaging auto channel set and auto clock.  Neither one worked.  Which is what I figure.  VCR playback works fine!  A newer combo player has no clock and no RF connections so I'm not really missing anything.