Vaughn Cabernet - Anybody heard this one?

Great write up in Stereomojo. Does anybody here have anything to say about these? Any owners out there willing to share impressions?
Thank you
Oh well, I knew it was a longshot...
What is it???
A pair of speakers favourably reviewed by the Webzine Stereo Mojo.

It sounded impressive at RMAF last year with Wavelength preamp & Wavelength 300B SET. An SET-friendly dynamic speaker with excellent Accuton drivers. I believe Jim is just now ramping into volume production.
This is Jim from Vaughn Loudspeakers so of course I have nothing but good things to say about the speakers. If you go to the testimonials page on the web site you will see a full length review by my first Cabernet customer. The cermamic drivers have been unavailable for 2 1/2 months so am getting out back orders now and will have more customer comments coming soon. The Cabernet was just introduced at RMAF last October.