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AUGUST 16, 2005

Dear Friends,

On August 16th 2005 at 8:35 am Nashville time, the angels in heaven
stopped singing for a moment, as they heard the most beautiful music
approaching from a distance - the high lonesome sound of Vassar
Clements' fiddle.

We are deeply saddened by the passing of this truly wonderful and
beautiful man whose purpose in life on Earth was in spreading love
and happiness to people, both through his music and through his
generosity and light of spirit.
Vassar indeed has touched the lives of so many of us, and we can all
count ourselves as blessed to have been witness to the musical genius
and kind-hearted nature of this great yet humble man.

It is a great testament to a life when those whose paths you crossed
hold you up as an example on how to treat others. Vassar's guestbook
is that testament and shows how incredibly loved and admired Vassar
was on this Earth by both those who knew him personally and those who
knew him only through his music.
I would like to thank Vassar's daughter Midge and son-in-law George
on behalf of all of us that loved Vassar for the great love and care
they have shown him since the passing of his wife Millie just over
seven years ago. Selfless and devoted, they not only took care of
Vassar emotionally and physically, but also jumped in and learned the
music business so Vassar could continue to play for all of us around
the country.

I picture Vassar and Millie in heaven, reunited in the love they
shared that transcends all things, him playing while she dances.

Thank You Vassar - God Bless You.
Rest In Peace.

I first heard him play fiddle on the "Old and in the Way" discs. Subsequently I sought bluegrass out. He was a giant.A
life well lived and a monumental loss.

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Sad news. A poster on Audio Asylum mentioned that he played on 2,000 albums. That is an absolutely mind-boggling number. How did the man find time to sleep? He will definitely be sorely missed.
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