VAS (Steven Leung) cartridge repair/retipping service?

Any experience with or opinions about VAS/Steven Leung repair/retipping service?  Not for VAS cartridge.

Steve is a gem in the industry. Peter is a great asset as well--and a poet. We are lucky to have them.
Steve recently did two Denon Dl-103 carts for me, one was a DL-103S that he retipped and the other was a DL-103 that he potted in a wood body I provided and installed a new cantilever and stylus. Excellent work for a very reasonable price.Plus he is only an hour from me!
Well, based on the very positive comments here, I sent my ZYX Airy 3 out to VAS today for an inspection and possible boron cantilever/microridge stylus combo.

please let us know how that works out for you.
I have nothing but high praise so far.