VAS (Steven Leung) cartridge repair/retipping service?

Any experience with or opinions about VAS/Steven Leung repair/retipping service?  Not for VAS cartridge.

Steve at VAS is fantastic, he re-built a EMT Cartridge for me last year that another reputable cartridge servicing shop said was un repairable.  It's now back to its former glory.

This year he rebuilt a Benz Glider for me - which was turned down by the importer for repair.  Steve is the go to guy for cartridge repair, highly recommended.

Good Listening

Steve repaired and retipped my Dynavector 20xHO.  He did a superb job.  Next time I need this kind of work done Steve will be my choice instead of Soundsmith.  
Hi Steve,

I have been using Soundsmith to re-tip, but want to see/hear what all the hype is about! Sending you an email with my info.

I’m glad so many here have found great service by Mr. Leung. However, I will never use him again.
@slaw - Your post would have some value if you included details of your experience to support your statement. Thanks for sharing!