VAS (Steven Leung) cartridge repair/retipping service?

Any experience with or opinions about VAS/Steven Leung repair/retipping service?  Not for VAS cartridge.

Before Christmas, I was referred to Steve from Vinh Vu, Gingko audio, I came into a Dynavector XV-1s with little history and a bent cantilever. Wasn't sure what I was in for. Steve promptly looked at it and emailed the following day "its fixed, and ready to go." He fixed the suspension, inspected everything, polished it up and mailed it back well packaged. His price was extremely reasonable. Now I have him building me a mono MC.
Sounds like an excellent resource that needs adding to my contacts.
Thx everyone
I'm sending a cart for inspection based upon this thread.
Steve did an amazing job fixing my VPI Traveler's arm bearings that were defective, and even VPI could not repair it.  He replaced the damaged Sapphire bearings with Ruby bearings and it works like new.  His charges were surprisingly low given what he did.

As part of this repair package Steve also crafted a VAS cartridge for me, which was an open-bodied Denon DL-103 but with a Micro Ridge Stylus.  This cartridge, even without breaking in, sounds incredible.  I couldn't recommend Steve any higher, and would encourage you to try his repair services, or the open-bodied DL-103 conversion.