Various Wadia models Vs Cary Audio and others

I'm in the market for upgrading from my current Arcam FMJ 23. I've heard great things about these 2 brands and various models are available on the web / classified. Assuming only ' the sound matters' which one of these can be most satifying for the next few years:

270 transport+ 27 decoder
22 transport +26 decoder

Cary Audio


Sont SCD-1 + MS decoder or Musical Fidelity A3 decoder

My other componets are Ayre K5 + V5 with PMC FB1

Thanks for sharing.

270/27ix v3.0 software can better a much modified Sony SCD-1
wadia 861se-excellent beats naim cds3
I had both an 861 and 306 in my system at the same time. I preferred the Wadia on all counts--of course, its more expensive.
861se if you can snag one. THere is about an 8 week waiting period. The highly modified Teac transport makes a significant improvement over the 861.
Have you tried the Ayre CX-7? I heard it with the same amp/preamp combo that you have -- with Vanderstein speakers). It was outstanding in that setup.
I have recently tried the Wadia 850 CDP(with the top of the line upgrade from Great Northern Sound) and a newer 861 Basic CDP. I had no problems running them direct into my amp or with my Pass X-1 preamp. I thought that the modified 850 worked perfectly running it direct into my Pass Labs X-250 power amp. It was very clear and detailed sounding, never harsh, and had great dynamics and bass slam. It was an improvement over the stock 861 CDP. I do not think that you can get better sound than the modified Wadia unless you pay two or three times the price. If I had the money, I would be buying one myself.

Happy Listening.
The 850 is a great player also(Wadia has always put out a top tier product, all of them). I used to own one for a short period of time.