Various approach to bass trapping

Seems there are various approaches towards mitigating the negative effect of room/bass response. Would like to know what approaches folks have used.

And while I cringe a little asking my second question - for I loath the ubiquitous 'is a better than b?' post - are some approaches more effective than others (e.g. ASC tube traps v. Ethan Winter v. Risch home-brews)? If the answer turns out to "depend" then that's good for me to know.

BTW, I currently have 3 15" rolls of R13 stacked in each corner of my room (just in their original packages); the improvement is remarkable in cleaning up the sound, so I am committed to working this aspect of my room.

Try they absorb more than the stack of insulation you are using. plus they are reflective on the outside to not deaden the room while you take out low HZ. Plus The mini-traps and the mondotraps absorb more bass than the ASC tube traps and are a whole lot more.

I have 13 of their traps in my system (4 are HF absorbtion for 1st order refections (side and ceiling).

I have used ASC products before and I considered the RPG products but both would have cost a small fortune and made the room too small after putting up too much damping. I considered DIY but didn't have the time/patience or the equipment to build them.

Another important point is that the Real Traps are Non-flammable with Class A fire rating. The cheap foam acoustic is typically not and sometimes only a light coating of flame retardant.

Acoustics are one of the most overlooked limitations and upgrades for a system of any $$$.
I am a recent convert to the "your room is a component" religion and I just got 2 realtraps mondotraps... (spec'ed for my room by rives audio). I agree with Cytocyle--these are quite compact for their performance and mine (black) even had an OK reception by my wife.

Probably the biggest difference in bass performance I could have asked for.

Happy listening,
I have a square room with a peak ceiling and struggled with bass issues. If I walked to the corners it was boomy and at the sitting position there was almost no bass.
I bought 16 Real Traps and placed them every place there was a wall to wall corner, a wall to ceiling corner, and along the ceiling peak per Ethan's instructions. There was an improved bass response and the mids also improved. However, I knew that the speakers still weren't sounding their best. I took the Real Traps out of the corners and used them at the first reflection points and put ASC 20" traps in the front corners with 16" traps on top. And, 16" traps in the rear corners. The bass tightened up and the mids improved even more. I then replaced the Real Traps that were in the first reflection point with RPG wood diffusers. I took the Real Traps and spaced them along the front wall. The room is so changed for the better that my wife thought that I had bought new speakers.
I don't know if every room would have such a dramatic improvement but, in my case the money I speant on tuning the room made a bigger difference than any other component I could have changed.
Send your room dimensions and layout to (and check out their site). Just don't tell them you're an audiophool or the prices will go up by 10x. I have 2-3 LERND's in each corner. Work like a charm.