various amps / and pre's with Soliloquy

I'm going to replace eveything this year except my speakers, which are Soliloquy 5.3's and a Soliloquy S-10c sub. It's for a dual music/HT system. Will most likely go with a tube pre and solid state amp. I'm sure I'll buy used, most likely off this website.

Before you give me the "go listen to them" line, I'm living overseas and don't have that option right now and I've got to strike while the wife is going along with it. I listen to Rock, country, blues mostly. Everything from Norah Jones to Taj Mahal to Metallica.

The pre-amps I've been considering are the Rogue 66 magnum, 99 and 99 magnum, and now the Marsh p2000t tube hybrid pre.

Amps: Basicly anything in the $1K-$1600 range (used), but am strongly considering the Odyssey Stratos new.

I'm thinking the best way to go about this is to get these pre's modified with a HT loop, and just use a decent Yamaha receiver I still have for movies. But if anyone has a better idea...? I just hate to spend all that money on 5 channels when I usually only to 2.

The SACD thing though does have me wondering if I need a 5 channel pre?

Most likely the source will be a new Denon 2900.

So, does anyone have any experience mating any of these with Soliloquy?
You have chosen a speaker that is very versitile relative to the amps you can use. In a moderate size room you should be able to drive them with anything from a higher powered single ended amp such as the Antique Sound Labs 845 based mono amps (22watts/ch) to a high powered transistor amp such as the Marsh A400s and get excellent sonic results. I have tried numerous amps on my 5.3' favorites being a Croft 30w/channel push pull amp, the aforementioned Antique Sound Lab and the Marsh. My favorite preamp for this speaker is the Bat Vk3i which is a really nice match with the balanced inputs of the Marsh. The best speaker cable I have used for this speaker is the Monster Sigma 2000's. Make sure you set the speakers up with a lot of space behind and alongside them and you will be rewarded with a very wide and open soundstage with a very easy on the ears tonal balance. Good luck and I hope you get much enjoyment out of this outstanding speaker.
Thanks, I've heard of people being very happy with the single ended amps but I don't know much about them. How do they differ from something like the Marsh A400?