Variation on a theme. What are your other passions in life?

My family and friends are my lifelong passion. Next in line would come things that are more subjective and personal choices, like high end audio.
My interests are varied enough that I would think of them in no particular order.
Sports cars and Formula racing, I have had some good ones, especially my time at Road America.
Fine dining. From Madison and Iowa City, to NYC, Chicago, Kobenhavn and more.
Art of many types and more towards modern era art and many artists that I appreciate and the ones I can afford to own. My visits to MOMA and the museum in Humlebaek, Denmark are, and will always be, lifelong memories.
Architecture and interior design, esp. modern from the Bauhaus on, Marcel Breuer etc..
High end audio, but with the pursuit is tempered by live performances. (Jazz and female vocals)
Nature and the out of doors. Esp. biking in Door County, Wi.

Door County, Wi. Yes the little towns are a bit commercial but the wonder and magic of Door County is still there, just
not in the touristy in miniature golf and the bad art galleries....and there are great art galleries as well, like Edgewood Orchard.
The locals, if you search you will find 3rd and 4th generation residents.
The opposite of local is a bus full of white hairs taking photos of the goats on Al Johnson’s roof.
My three best friends have all passed, but we all shared a love of Door County, one of them was my best man at the Fish Creek Community Church.

This is way of the audio interest side, but if you are able and can afford it, the driving courses at Road America would/could be a very, very good gift to yourself. That course has paid off for me twice since I took it, but not in racing but accident avoidance.

I know this is not dead on an audio topic, but all the audiophiles (or is that audio nerds) I have known have other passions/interests. One of the best examples was head of nuclear medicine at a Big Ten University hospital, and on a trip together we visited MOMA, other art museums and ate at well respected restaurants including Windows on the
World which was at the top of one of the twin towers that were destroyed on 9/11.

You are fortunate to have such a nice track open for you. We have track days which is held at different tracks. Still, the closest one to me is over 125 miles away. I haven't been to one...yet.. But I still have some of the best twisty roads in the US within 20 miles. Car and bike enthusiast alike come to these roads from long distances.
Artemus, when I think of your name I think of the man on the TV show "The Wild, Wild West".

Yes, a sports car on a back country twisty road is a not so guilty pleasure.  In my life those drives were at their best when it was to and back from a great small town restaurant. 

Best, Jim
All of my passions tie into each other. I love to grill and drink wine, all at the same time while I’m playing fetch with my golden retriever, and listening to the speakers under the eaves. All of this happens pretty much every Sunday. I love it, and the wife loves it cuz it gets me out of the house and out of her hair.
OP, I’ve worked all over the world. I’m retired. I don’t miss any of it..

Sand, sweat, blood, and HARD work.. Heavy duty mechanics are abused, trust me.. When no one else is there to finish a job the mechanic is...

I like my back yard, the chickens, the dog the goat (sometimes, he ate my hat) and the rabbit..

BTW the fence is falling down.. I kind of like it..

The music, when it’s right, I do a little dancin’ with the dog and sometimes the mail lady.

My life is simple, full, and slower..

I have one grandchild, an amazing little fellow. I will actually get to see him grow up. He’s 6 now.  In 9 days he'll be 7.  He’s a Cheetah this year.. :-) Quite the singer too.. Loves to sing to his grandpa.

HO trains...HIM and me, then STEREOS I got a plan.. :-)

Not something I try to share a lot but in my spare time I like to virtue signal on-line. I have a whole alter ego where everything I do is intended to get other people to go wow he’s saying everything a good person would say he must be a good person.

Then I go back to the kitchen, open my Hannibal Lecter Cookbook and see what we got. Mmmm, fava beans, nice chianti....
I have tried to follow Hannibal's Cookbook, but still prefer a well aged Bordeaux. 

My wife fosters kittens. I like to help them since they really have nothing, and the shelter is a less healthy place for them. The purchase of my life is a sports car I like to drive daily, keep clean and maintain. I like to travel with my wife, most frequently to Chicago. Like the OP, I especially like the fine dining there. I was fortunate enough to get to eat at Alinea last time. Sixteen is also awesome. 
Bicycle riding
Philosophy: Metaphysics / Epistemology 
Red Wine

I'm spearheading a campaign to educate environmentalists on how we can conserve water and increase forest growth by raising global CO2 levels to be more in line with geologic norms. Very few know we are currently at the minimum low bound required for plant growth. Anyone with PR experience in effective education let me know we sure could use your help.
No PR experience but... More 2 stroke motorcycles would help. It should only take a few. 
Nice post @jusam 
and @oldhvymec— you need to write your memoirs.  I've a big yard and like to potter. Doing a lot of raking recently. It's a meditation and gentle workout.
Yup! "The dog made the difference" is the name of one.

"The Life and Times of and Old Heavy Mechanic" is another.

"Bubs" is 1/2 way done in my head.. Parson Russel Terrier that ran the house for 13 years and went to heaven in 2013. Smartest person I ever met.

"TyTy the little guy". 3/4 done. Toy Fox Terrier that ran the house for 16 years and he went to heaven in 2016.. Smartest DOG I ever met.

Two others for the old Baptist Press in the 70s 80s.. Research mostly..
"An answer to the Knock" and "Trail of Blood" re:76.

6 repair manual contribution through the years. Spitfire BBS software was a passion for a while.. I wrote a LOT of crap for that.

I was thinkin' "Angle Food Cake" it's about the next door neighbor lady.. 
She brings me....... Angle Food Cake. :-)

Yes, that is what I'm talking about. I drove one of them in the late 70's / early 80's. Fond memories... 
Astronomy, travel and music. I also love spending time with my family in our backyard, which fills me up