Variable volume CD Players


I'm looking to put a remote controlled, volume variabled CD Player behind a Sati 520b and Euforodites, both from Horning Hybrid.
Unit also needs to have the right connectivity so it can be used as DAC for a file source (computer, AppleTV, etc).

Right now I'm using an ARC CD7 with upgraded PS. Sound is very good (the voices, the textures, ...) but could use a little more attack and namely can't live without the remote volume control.

Would prefer a good value used unit in the range of 3 - 5K USD/Euro (I live in Europe).

Looking for speed, musicality, 3d, detail, etc, etc all the usual superlatives.

Any suggestions?

E.A.R Acute 3

Check it out at

I've seen them periodically listed here on Audiogon.

Good luck.
Linn Unidisk SC ... tons of flexibility.
Oppo BDP-105 is all you need...

Thanks for your inputs.
Funny enough, I haven't looked at this thread since a while and in the meantime heard about the Oppo 105 from other guys...
So I bought it while awaiting to make the "big" investment and can only say that this player, for its cost, is giving an incredible audiophile value!
Way to go Oppo.
The EAR suggestion above is a good one. I have traded for them in past and have always been impressed with their overall sound.

As another option, you could always look for a DAC with variable outputs and just use your ARC as a transport. You could probably find a used Bel Canto DAC 3.5 with the VBS1 in that price range.