Vapor Sound Audio/tons of Value for $$$$

I've spoken to Ryan a few times and he has always been upfront and very nice to me. What I find with his speakers is he doesn't do what many others do. Example Stiff Breeze..speaker cost somewhere around 2400 and he has spent on parts close to half of that which is insanely good for the customer. Typically, speaker companies spend 600 for that same 2400 speaker. He doesn't cut corners and from a business point of view, isn't as profitable as he should be. He puts too much into speakers and doesn't charge enough. He also is a custom shop, he will add things depending upon what you want and listening tastes. I purchased the lsa statements and they are good speaker..then Terry London did a review on Stiff Breeze and it was quite better then my Lsa's. I am selling my LSA"s and was and still am leaning ref 3 a mm de capo's..but Ryan and is insane value he offers has me in a tug of war. If you want a great speaker in the 1700-5K range I'd strongly recommend you contact him to discuss options.
Still think a pair used de capos 92db at around $1200.00 cant be beat
What really matters is how they sound, not the materials price to cost ratio.

Do you own a pair of these? It would be helpful to everyone interested in them if you posted a review and listed your system.

Who is Terry London? Any relation to Julie?
Ref 3a de capo is a leader in my future/near future purchase
Be careful...Lots of bad feedback on Vapor Audio, their service and quality control issues.
Ah ok. This I was not aware of, thanks
For my perspective on the issues Vapor faces as a smaller, growing company, see my review of the Nimbus White at
And while you're at it, ask Mr Schroeder if he has ever taken delivery of the Vapor Joules he ordered some 10 months ago. I asked a couple months ago but was not favored with a reply.
I thought I was the only one that new Mr. Schroeder was expecting his custom built Vapor Joules. I also recently asked him how he was enjoying them. No response.....
Maybe he is sworn to secrecy???
Have not heard nor do I own Vapor speakers, but I find there speakers to be cutting edge in looks and design. Vapor also has a loyal following of happy customers.

For me with the recent price increases,the extended wait times and lack of communication is enough for me to stay away.

I would suggest Selah Audio (I do own) and Salk Sound (considering to purchase) as viable alturnative to Vapor. Both are well established and also offer great value to price without all the unneeded drama.

I'm sure Vapor will work out all the kinks and be very suscessful.
Let's not forget the sound in all of this. In my experience, Vapor, Salk and Selah all sound pretty different. which is best is a matter of personal preference.
I posted a shorter response after electing to conserve a longer one in a file, in case I wished to refer to it, or use it, if the discussion merited. It seems it is merited, so here are my original comments, which address the inquiry of Acesverde and Len067, and add a few extra thoughts. I add that often when I leave a thread discussion I do not return if I am busy. I have not attempted to avoid the topic of my Joule White speaker build.

Here is my preserved response to Bigshutterbug's post

To be fair, discussion on the Vapor circle of the Audiocircles has a locked thread by Ryan Scott of Vapor in which he addresses the long term issue of two particularly difficult customers who used up to five different monikers to make it appear that there was widespread displeasure with the company. It seems their intent was nothing less than the destruction of the company. The audiophile community in consideration of Vapor should have a balanced perspective as to such things.

In my review of the Vapor Nimbus White at, and in my ongoing experience with Vapor the long delays in fulfillment are a legitimate problem. Instant response has not happened. I pointed out clearly that a customer must be wiling to accept such things. I also pointed out clearly that Ryan has ultimately completely fulfilled non-timing related expectations, and even exceeded them vastly in terms of the quality of the product, save for the response/timing issue.

For some individuals a lack of prompt response is the death knell for anything related to that company. For others, they understand the boutique nature of Vapor's business, and while they may not like delays, they ultimately accept them as part of that unique business's character. The problem as I see it is the delays are too long. I obviously do not enjoy delays, but I also have a high degree of confidence in Ryan's ability to eventually deliver. I have zero fear of his not delivering a stunning speaker both sonically and visually.

I know of background information about the growing pains of the company. I have a special version of the Joule under build which has taken longer than expected. Some of the delay has been "self-inflicted" due to my insistence on the speaker having all new upgrades and other collaborative changes I have asked for. Other delays have been related to Vapor not having its own heavy machinery (i.e. CNC) and being dependent upon other companies to fulfill orders. I have had to earn through patience my own reward in the final product, which I believe will be coming soon. I do not have money down, but a agreed with Ryan when the new pair was ordered, will trade in the Nimbus White speakers for the new pair.

Until such time as I have objectively solid information or personal experience warranting dismissal of a company I give the benefit of the doubt. I believe that some reviewers having to wait this long would have damned the company, but I am not wiling to, forcing myself to be patient as I already have tasted the fruit of Vapor sound and I am not wiling to turn aside from what I feel is an exceptional product due to delay. Vocal critics of a small company can have a crushing effect on the stability and viability of the company. Hostile entities can literally threaten the viability of such small enterprises. On the other hand, there are ecstatic reviews by elated owners; such things can offset each other, making it hard to know "the truth".

It is not my job to protect Vapor Audio, but as one who has more direct information of the situation, I feel the need to add to discussion such that as much general information both pro/con of a manufacturer is available to interested parties. I would hope that I were willing to do so for any audio company I have had interaction with facing a similar situation.

I wish for Vapor Audio to succeed, as I wish for all small audio businesses bringing good products, and to flourish. I care less about the politics of the situation than the availability of the products, and in the case of Vapor speakers, the products are exceptional performance-wise. In an audio culture where there is incessant bitching about expensive gear, Vapor puts out radically good sounding speakers at real world prices. I wish Vapor would get its act together in the communications department, but as I have said in my review, and now have lived, the wait, while frustrating, can have a gigantic payoff. Based on what I know of Ryan's skill set I fully expect it to.

One piece of information which is pertinent to the tenor of my comments; due to the nature of the pricing structure of Vapor speakers carrying an MSRP much closer to the bone of cost to build, I was not given a more typical, larger industry accommodation, but rather in line with discounts Ryan offers to the rank and file customer. I mention this to point out the significantly different philosophy Vapor has toward pricing of speakers for the audiophile community, as well as dispelling any suspicions that I somehow have benefitted unfairly from my association with Vapor.

Concluding then, there are sometimes individuals who simply disbelieve such things, and my response is typically, "So be it." If someone simply will not believe clear explanations, then it is their issue, as I do not make a habit of arguing my honest explanations. If anyone is wishing to enter into an argument with me about this subject, I am not interested in doing so. I have made my statement of my perspective, which can be accepted or rejected by all concerned. :)
The complaints some have cited they are small in number compared to positives. I have been pm'd by a few who just about all gave a thumbs up to Vapor. It seems some, have given negative press for a reason other then issues with company's dealings with said speakers. What other company spends on parts close to 50 percent on there speakers as the retail price?? I just want value.
Some things sound too good to be true. Don't know if Vapor is one of those things or not. But you have to ask why or how they are able to do what they do and then why not others? Doug's article explains a lot about as well as anything I have read or heard. If you are comfortable dealing with a "boutique" like product that you like, then I'd say go for it. But just be aware there is usually no free lunch. Always +s and -s no matter what you buy, where you go.
I listened to the Tuonare speaker last weekend.
Huge soundstage, large, stable sweet spot, and fabulous bass that was so good I had to ask if the subwoofer was on- No. Somewhat mid to rear hall presentation,but I don't think the recording I demoed with was close miked, either. Driven by Mcintosh solid state components. Midrange was good, but not quite as palpable and lifelike as the B&W 804Ds in the next room: maybe tubes in the mix would have helped. The Vapor Raal tweeter competed well against the B&W Diamond version.

Many positive attributes for the Vapor speaker in a limited audition.
Agreed, some things sound too good to be true. But..there are exceptions. ryan is raising his prices and there will be a chance coming to many soon. He definately offers tremendous speaker and value for the money.
Where can you go to hear these speakers?