Vapor Breeze

Anyone have experience with the Vapor Breeze? Any comparisons?

I believe member Toddnkaya just got a pair Try searching his posts
I am the proud owner of a new pair of Breeze speakers from Vapor Audio
You can see some pics of my custom build at Type in the event code of vapor Then hit enter to view about 50 Vapor pics from Akfest. Mine are the first six or seven images.
My speakers are done in a gorgeous redwood burl with matching stands and crossovers in the base of the stands. I upgraded to an amorphous core Raal, and Dueland resistors.
I spent the weekend at Akfest so I got to hear the Breeze,Cirrus,Aurora,and
I had alteast seven or eight folks tell me they thought the Breeze room was the best at the show. I did not tell them before they were mine.
The Breeze room sounded way better than the Cirrus room in many people's minds. (room set up maybe)
The Breeze is astonishing !!! Pinpoint imaging, wide soundstage, insane levels of details, the midrange is sweet and lush, singers voices are spooky and in the room with you, also getting some nice 3d imaging on some recordings, and the highs are the best I have ever heard. The highs and bass are lightening fast. All this detail,and the speakers are sooooo musical.
There was no speaker at Akfest that I would have rather taken home. I listened to speakers up to 40 grand. My room is about 16 by 22 and I have not yet hooked up my custom Servo sub.
I am running the Breeze with an Onkyo 9555a and 14 gage wire from radio shack. They are really singing! I feel no need for a pricy amp. 85 clean watts.
Feel free to email me at my user name at AT&T. Net Or come for a listen in Pittsburgh if your close enough. Lol...
With a good sub you will be fine in a small to largish room.
Todd, how does The Breeze sound at low to moderate - late night listening levels?
Rocker, I do not tend to listen at really low levels at night,but I did some critical listening this afternoon , and again this evening with my wife. I would say they sound very nice at low to moderate volume. My wife thought so as well. They have such great tonality, and the center image does not collapse. The music was still very engaging.
Hi Todd,
How long did it take you to get a pair of the Breeze? I'm wondering if it's faster to get than the Cirrus
Wcheng, I got mine in about 4 months, but I had a total custom build. I would think if you did the standard finish and no stands it could be much faster.
Hey Wcheng, in a standard config they go from order to shipped in 3-4 weeks, sometimes less. I've actually built Breeze in as little as 3 days, start to finish. Standard finishes are the usual Satin Cherry, Satin Maple, or Piano Gloss Black ... all with a satin black front baffle. I actually have a Cherry pair ready to ship right now, no waiting.
hi ryan,
could you send me a pic of the cherry pair and the price to

Wcheng, Did you decide to pull the trigger on the Breeze?
Yes I did! Just got them today and am listening. VERY good sound especially considering their price. I don't think you can get anywhere near this type of sound quality with any speaker. They will have tough competition though, as I'll be comparing them to my current speaker, the Audience ClairAudient 2+2s, a crossoverless design with 4 3" drivers in a bipole configuration and a 6" passive radiator in each channel. My initial impression is that the Breeze seem to be more detailed (in a good way) and fast in the upper mids and highs while the Audience seem to have the same advantage in the lower mids and bass. The Audience also seem to be slightly more coherent. The Audience also seem more efficient, which might be a consideration since I only have 30 watts, albeit in a small 12x13x8 room.

How long do you feel it took your Breeze to break in?
Typo in my previous post. Fourth sentence should read, "I don't think you can get anywhere near this type of sound quality with any speaker near this price range."
Wcheng, Glad to hear you are enjoying the Breeze. Your current speakers Audience ClairAudient 2+2s retail at 4 grand? Pretty cool to hear the Breeze can keep up with them.
I have less than 50 hours on my speakers, so I am not real sure of break in time.
I think the ClairAudient actually retail at $5k!