Vapor Audio - Dagogo- Nimbus White speaker review

Mr. Schroeder seems very impressed.
Worth a hard look for those in the market for larger speakers.
Here is another review for their entry class Stiff Breeze speakers. Again major accolades:

Ryan @ Vapor is a very down to earth, intelligent and easy to work with professional.
Regards to All
What happened to the response someone put up days ago?
Didn't even see it...don't know what happened
Vapor hasn't had many professional reviews because we just haven't needed them. But I met Constantine of Dagogo while at Newport Beach, he's an honest guy who struck me as someone I'd like to work with. He was also interested in our products, and suggested talking to Doug Schroeder. After talking to Doug it was obvious how much experience he has, and that I could trust him to be completely truthful in his impressions. That's all we hope for, no politics - just truth. And that's exactly what we received with Doug and Dagogo, my sincere thanks to them!

BTW, since Doug purchased the review pair, you can see them in his system here:

We'll be delivering a pair of Joule White to him after Axpona this year, so watch out for another review.

Happy listening!
Wow nice review! I heard these at RMAF last year and I wholeheartedly agree. The Nimbus is on my very very short list for my next speakers when I get my properly sized listening room in my next house. Hopefully I can convince the wife to let me spring for the Joule, the larger RAAL and the better woofer really squeeze that little bit extra even out of an already phenomenal design. Vapor1 whats next? An MTM version of the Joule? Is there any way to incorporate Bass management on the woofer section since it is integrated and fixed height and distance from the driver or is this even necessary with the compensations made in the crossover design?
An update on the Nimbus White; I had been using it with an integrated under review, but switched recently to the Wells Audio Innamorata, a beautifully sweet SS amp (also reviewed and owned). The Nimbus took on a deep, rich character which is normally associated with fine tube amps.

I'm quite pleased at how transparent these speakers are, and how much they reveal the nuances of upstream gear. I have yet to experience a listening session where I had ear fatigue, even though these have the ceramic mids. It is evident to me that the "ceramic drivers are harsh" argument is not true, at least in this application.
Ceramic drivers are only harsh depending on the implementation (i.e., crossover/filers), like any other driver. You can also add Tidal Audio to the list of manufacturers/designers that have had great success with ceramic coated drivers. I don't think Ryan would use them if they couldn't be properly integrated with the RAAL tweeter. Accuton has made many refinements to their products over the years.
All drivers, doesn't matter if they're ceramic, paper, woven angel hair, whatever. They all have their own intrinsic characteristics that they bring to the table. With Accuton drivers they are a very clean, white sound. It's how the designer addresses that and balances things that matter. I personally want some of that through the midrange, it results in a very fast to stop and start kind of sound with no overhang. But too much of it can present like you're listening to music in a doctor's waiting office, not enjoyable. So we balance that fast and illuminated midrange with palpable weight and heft on bottom.

Thanks Rll7x9, I'll be waiting for your call when you convince the significant other :) The 'official' release of the Perfect Storm will be very soon, and it will be very much like you ask about - MTM top section using Joule drivers along with a 15" AudioTech sandwich cone on bottom in a tapered transmission line. Many other tricks up our sleeve, but nothing is being spared.

Bass management on the woofer? Not sure what you mean by that, sounds more like an actively crossed over solution, which we could certainly do if someone wanted. But yes, with a passive crossover that's essentially the job of the crossover.
Vapor1, are you now saying you need the reviews since you didn't need them in the past?

Vapor hasn't had many professional reviews because we just haven't needed them.
As someone who has now heard both the Nimbus Black and the White, I can report that they both sound fabulous. Not having them side-by-side and listening to them over a month apart, I cannot give much account of the differences.

I can say that I was a bit concerned with the ceramic drivers being a bit bright and fatiguing, and was listening closely for this when I heard the White. No fatigue or brightness, but gobs of detail. A hard balance to achieve!

A review like the one mentioned above always helps. Doug did a fantastic job of contextualizing the Vapors, and his comments here and on his system page provide some nice additional detail. A fabulous speaker, well worth finding a way to listen to.
Need? No, business has been chugging away nicely just due to word of mouth and show coverage. But I met Constantine at Newport Beach and liked him. He's a former 3rd Gen RX-7 owner, which makes him a good guy in my book :) He suggested talking to Doug Schroeder about a review, which I did ... I also really enjoyed talking with Doug and his attitude toward audio and reviewing.

So in short the Dagogo review was a perfect match that fell into my lap. I'm happy it happened, the experience was great and I have some new friends because of it.
Vapor1, will your speakers be at either AXPONA or Newport? If so, which models?
Drubin - we will be at both shows. Axpona will feature a new model named Derecho, sort of a smaller/lighter Nimbus. Also will have a Joule White and Cirrus Black at Axpona. Newport Beach we will be showing for the first time our Joule Black.
well, i'm waiting for my pair of Nimbus Black to arrive rather than waiting for 6 months for a pair of White, I decided that I'll take a demo pair of Nimbus Black. I sold my Escalante Fremonts and now I'm left without speakers to listen to hopefully the new pair will arrive shortly so I can share my impression as well

Iasi, waiting 6 months for a pair of Vapor Audio speakers is actually a very good turn around time. Many customers would have been delighted with a 6 month wait from what I recall in the Vapor speaker threads. Some guys posted much longer waiting times.
Will vapor make it to the Capitol audiofest?
Do both Nimbus White or Joule White require large listening rooms, or will they suffice in midsized rooms?
My dream is the Rockport Altair, never heard such sound before....but they are also quite expensive. So, maybe Nimbus in the not so distant future.?
Only problem I have with them, is they should have been transmissionline..a solution that helps in many rooms.
I also like the Nimbus apperance more than the Joules..hmmm, apperance and wonderful sound.. splendid. Are both of those models true time and phasealigned ?
Waiting time to receive speakers? I'd be happy to have a phone call returned or email answered to place an order.