Vantage Cables From U. K . Very impressive

I just received on trial Vantage cables #10 and a silver based Balanced interconnects called Marina.

I heard about this company thru many of threads on Audiogon cables.

The #10 interconnects are Gold and Silver Strands. I cant believe how wide open and dynamic these cables sound !!!

I have not yet been able to try the Balanced cables but I will this weekend.

For reference, I own Acoustic Zen Silver, Synergistic Resolution Ref MK11, ElectraGlide Signatures , Kimber Select, JPS2, Elco GL999 Gold and othet Audioquest.

My system consists of a Old Krell Amp KSA-250 , Meridian 508.24 CD Player,Legacy Focus Speakers and a Melos SHA gold ref Preamp.
I also use a PS Power Plant 600 and ElectraGlide Fatboy and Whale Elite power cords.

Though this company is in the UK they still sent me these cables to audition. The pricing for the 1 meter RCA #10 is less than the Acoustic Zen Silver and far exceeds the performance.

I wanted to share this find with others and I wonder why there is not more buzz about these cables,(since they appear to be easy to obtain.)
Hi Ozzy: I have two different models of Vantage PC's that I am running in right now for audition (should have some results in 4-5 weeks). Guess the "buzz" involves skipping across "the pond" if you are here in the US as myself. These are silver cable PC's which will be a first for me.
Not all cables get their fair share of press, I suspect marketing budgets dictate whether a cable company becomes a recognized and valued brand. As you say..."the buzz". I came across Maple Audio Works interconnects from Alberta, Canada. Smooth, detailed, everything I'd want from a cable and a reasonable price to boot. Check out their site, I tried all the cables and the "Ambiance" was ideal for my system. No, I'm not affiliated with Maple at all, just a fan of their stuff.
I have tried a few of the Vantage cables. I actually bought a set of the Silver Marina interconnect. I agree that it is very good cable for the money. I did get a chance to demo some of the more expensive level 10 interconnects and speaker cables, and thought they were nice, I prefer the Acoustic Zen cables to the Vantage though. In my system the Silver Ref betters the Vantage level 10 interconnect. I think if their products were more widely known they would be quite popular. I think they sound a bit like Cardas cables, but better. Customer service is amongst the best I have ever encountered.
I found the Vantage Interconnects to be tremendous. I switched interconnects from Transparent Audio to Vantage last fall and I am currently trying a Vantage tonearm phono cable. Richard at Vantage is a great person to work with.
After trying Vantage cables, I have to admit that I have change all my MIT cables to Vantage. I am running some of Vantage's highest levels speakerwires Speciallevel and level 10 gold interconnect cables and havn't heard better cables! I havn't heard Purist Dominus but the diffrent in cost does that it dosn't matter. My opinion is in the cost range there are no competitions. And beside that, Richard from Vantage is a great guy to deal with.