VansEvers Clean Line

Anyone out there using a Clean line model 141? Just interested in how you like it...or any other products by VansEvers. I just purchased a 141 (used) and am walking on air right now.
Hi Klhender...I bought a 141 2 years ago and still am in love with it's magic. I read forum questions and answers all the time on "Do line conditioners really work" and become truly amazed at some of the answers. Some say that they don't work or degrade the sound. You and I know better. These VansEvers conditioners are killer. I purchased a VansEvers Unlimiter for my amp last year and was shocked at what it did to increase bass response and remove background noise. BTW...the addition of good power cords upgrades the 141 even more. I'm using the BMI Whales from the wall to the conditioner and conditioner to component. The only time the sound degrades is when I take the VansEvers out of the link and run the cords straight into the wall. Congrats on your purchase...enjoy.
I use a Reference 85, a Super Companion, a Digital Jr. and a few 202 and 211 power cords. All work great.
I used The Unlimiter for three years and was completely happy with its effects. It was the only pc conditioner I found which didn't change the tonal quality of the system. I recently replaced it with the Hydra, an exceptional, but expensive conditioner.