Vans Evers vs. Monster

I currently use the Monster 2000 (or 2500?? I forget) line conditioner, and I was wondering how different...if at all...the VansEvers reference 85 is from the Monster. Are they worth $700 more? Has anyone made the comparison, or a similar upgrade? thanks, Phil
I used the Monster HTS-1000 and then upgraded to the Monster HTS-5000. Got a good deal on a VansEvers Model 85 Reference here on Audiogon just after X-mas. The 5000 has a cool meter and did clean up my cable picture some. But the VansEvers is a whole different beast. It's called a "Line Clean" and for good reason. I had to adjust to color down on my digital RPTV and the sound stage in two channel music expanded by 3X.
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Vansevers is Mozart; Monster is Salieri..... In addition to the above comments, you will also notice a much cleaner darker background / lower noise floor; faster treble. Really no comparison.
You don't really believe that Amadeus story do you?
Thanks for the info. Has anyone compared the Vans Evers Ref 85 to a PS Audio power station, or the Hydra? Are they compareable, or are the PS and Hydra units at another level?

By the way...I know the Hydra doesn't have any surge protection. What about the PS300? Do they offer any surge protection?


Salieri is used in the movie as a device to simplify the story line. There is a scene where Salieri sais to Mozart "You are the greatest composer known to me". This was actually what Haydn said to Mozart's father "Your son is the greatest composer know to me". Most of the things in the movie have their basis in truth, however the person really involved in the actual case was someone other than Salieri; even the person who commissioned the Requiem. I do not remember his name, but that person really did have the habit of commissioning works and then would try to pass them off as his creation.
Phil, the thing I would consider regarding the PS Audio Power Plant and a power conditioner; is the PS300 is a power regenerator and not a conditiner. I've read that it uses something like 500 watts of electricity. For me, I do not wish to pay electric cost of running it. The PS300 is a great product, just a different animal.
I made yhe mistake of purchasing Monsters' HT2500, it was a waste of money. It makes more noise than straight out of the wall connection.
I researched the PS Audio Power Plant and didn't like the efficiency factor much, as Sugarbrie suggests. At the end, I purchased the ExactPower 2000 which seems to do the same kind of job with a lot less waste. It made a world of difference -- vocals came across much cleaner. Check out the website. It provides a clean 120v (so is also a "surge protector") and acts as a line conditioner if I'm interpreting things right. A little pricey, though you might be able to get some good deals in the classifieds.
I have also tried one of those Blue Circle Noise Hounds only available here on Agon. Quite an amazing product. It made a difference every place I plugged it in; even supporting my Vansevers Reference 83. More noticeable when plugged with a lesser or no conditioner.