Vans Evers: Good Cheap power devices?

I'm caught up in the recent "hot topic" of inexpensive power accessories. I've been looking to upgrade my Isobar Surge supressor for a while now, and stumbled upon the Vans Evers site. This guy is definitely going about it differently, and has some interesting theories. The proof, they say, is in the pudding, and I was hoping that some of my brothers/sisters in the Audiogon could share some experiences with the Super Companion ($150 retail) Power strip/filter/surge supressor or the Model 11 or 12 Cleanlines junior conditioner/filter.($275-375) Any good???
Yes, I have a Super Companion on my mid-fi system in my den/office at home. It replaced a Monster 1000 I had that went to the TV/DVD setup. The Monster is very good, but the Vansevers was a lot better. Very quiet & darker backgroud for very little $$$$. My main system has the Reference 85 which is excellent and very tweekable. The Juniors were originally design for a single component; ie, use an analog Junior to issolate a turntable. But it was later discovered you could use them between the wall plug and a regular power conditioner (Monster/Panamax, etc) to make close to a high end conditioner. So if you have a conditioner already, the Junior is one way to upgrade it to something a lot better. I also have a couple Vansevers power cords. The Super Companion has an IEC detachable power cord, so even the Super Companion can be upgraded. ----Go to the Vanevers website - Dealers - MidiClassics. That dealers offers discounts on all products. The Super Companion is $127.
You can also take a Junior and connect it to regular power strip like the regular Companion, if your budget is between the Super Companion and Mike's high end stuff. If you eMail or call the company, you can get answers directly from Mike Vansevers. He is a real nice guy.