Vandy Treo CT's are out. Can't wait to hear what

Johnny at Audio Connection in Verona, NJ will have to say about these. The base Treo's are to me, the best value for a true high end speaker that I've heard in regards to musicality. They just get everything right. Being a Proac guy, I value speakers disappearing and I have always needed detail, but not etched detail, lol. I've heard the Treo's on tubes, SS (Ayre is the best) and a few different companies. They sounded differently on all of them meaning they are letting you hear what they are being fed.

I just fired off an email to Johnny asking him what the CT tweeter is going to do for them. Will the extra money be worth it? I have a strong feeling it will be as it's the same tweeter used on the 7's and those things are the best speakers I've ever heard. I'm of the opinion that I'd rather spend the extra 1500 on the speaker and use a lesser cable than save the 1500 and get more costly cable as I can save and get even better cable later on. Richard can really tease us as he makes things better and better. Either way, I'll have a pair of beautiful Treo's in my house within the next month or so as Johnny has me sold. WOW, CT's for CT ;)'s a match made in heaven I bet.
If that tweeter does for the Treo what it did for the Quatro, then you're in for a real treat. Now if Richard would make a Carbon Tweeter upgrade for my 3A Sigs I'd really be happy. I'll have to pop in to see John today and hear the Treo CT's!!Thanks for the heads up.
I suggest you upgrade the speaker, as cables are far easier to work with and there are so many that the odds of hitting a better performing cable at a lower price point are very good. However, regardless of how good the cabling is, one cannot supersede the hard limits of the speaker.

This sounds like good news for Vandys in general; I had felt for many years that they were too reticent in their lower models. Now, perhaps, there is a bit more zing and liveliness. :)
Looks like I'm going with the regular ones unless I am able to sell off a few of my older systems along with my Stax Lamda headphones with amp. Some Proac, Onyx, Krell and NAD stuff with a ton of top MIT cables etc... Spring cleaning. I'm sure the new tweeter will do better for low resolution and It may be worth it, but I have a ton of stuff I want to change in my system. I can't wait to hear them though. Spoke with Johnny, didn't even ask when he'll bring them in.