Vandy 5 Owners & Dreamers

First let me say I own 3A Sigs. and I love them. For that reason alone I'd HAVE to be curious about the Model 5. In all the time I've been checking out Audiogon, I've only seen one pair of 5's for sale! So, 5 owners, why is that.I'd like to hear from all you guys. Hw much better is the 5 than the 3A Sig? I know you're out there cause Richard V. says he sells alot of 5's. Thanks in advance, Mark.
Hi Mark, I can't answer your question, but your title caught my attention. Once I had a dream that my beautiful and detailed electrostatic hybrid speakers had turned into (EEEEEKK) Vandersteens! What a nightmare -- man I'm glad I woke up! Happy Holidays. :)
Hi Markie,Well I almost replied yesterday;I didn't want to be the first with a negative. I came very close to buying a dealer's demo pr.#1: Couldn't sell my Aerial 10t's.The price if I could have sold, would've been near 7grand out of pocket dif.This is personal nitpicking, but,#2 I would be buying 2 more amps, as ea cabnit contains an amp.#3, Yes I would have gotten dealer setup. But,the review makes it sound like I would have to buy equipment,attend a seminar for 3 mos; so I could do my own setup.I guess one man's dream could be another's nightmare. When I move up,I'll be looking for a more user friendly,'speaker- only' pair.At 11 grand w/tx,I can't have that many down sides. Maybe after I talk to A-Rod about that loan ??( I hear he came into a few bucks lately.)
Hi, I have a good friend who is trying to sell a like new pair of Vandersteen Model 5s in cherry. In fact, he's got the entire Vandersteen "Signature" home theatre system--their Signature center channel and surrounds as well as the 5s. The 5s come with *balanced* low pass filters. The only drawback is that he does not have the shipping cartons (but these can be obtained from Vandersteen). I don't know what he'd take for these, but I think he'd cut a good deal, *especially* if someone wanted the center channel and surrounds as well as the 5s. I think he's looking for somewhere around $6K for just the 5s and the low pass filters. His name is Mike Habben. If anyone's interested, try emailing him at: [email protected] thanks, Craig Zastera
Mark, as one very satisfied 5 owner my bias is obvious. The 5 bests the 3A Sig substantially. The 5 is more dynamic, has better depth and staging and has more frequency extension. The midrange/treble has more air and presence likely because the high pass filter reduces the load on the amps dramatically (especially tubes) and the crossover is better. However, it is the brilliant bass of the 5 that sets it apart not only from the 3A Sig but most other speakers. Yes it does require dealer setup for the bass equalization as Avguygeorge laments but the result is astonishing. The bass itself is simply the cleanest, fastest, most articulate and musical you will hear in most in-home settings. What is surprising is how much information is actually present in the bass once you can hear it. Also the clarity in the bass allows it to be very powerful without being disproportionately loud. That in turn allows even greater information and natural detail to emerge from the midrange/treble because it is not muddied from below. The effect is not subtle. The best example of the benefits the 5 offers can be demonstrated by comparing them to Plato's electrostatic hybrids. The cone woofer's alternate transduction material combined with the system's phase and time incoherency causes a mediocre bass that obscures the whole speaker. Except of course the upper midrange brightness which some find beautiful and detailed. The Vandy 5 is the most coherent, articulate and musical speaker I have owned. It's also the only Vandersteen product I have owned. Its only superiors are the big Soundlabs and Magneplanar speakers, without subwoofers, please. As a 3A Sig owner the 5 is a natural progression for you IMHO.
khrys, thanks for the input.e me at [email protected] . i'd love to pick your brain some more.
Well, I am a V-E-R-Y satisfied Vandy #5 owner. I would like to second everything that "Khrys" said in his follow-up above - the speakers are spectacular. Their best feature, and the one that allows the level of performance that Khrys discusses is their "tunability" ... I am convinved that you can get 5s to sound better in YOUR room than ANY other speaker! I have played with the adjustments myself and you can make the speakers sound dark, bright, and everything in between. So you can adjust them to your preferences. But what I found out is that when adjusted correctly, you immediately know it because you instantly stop listening for this and that and simply listen to the performance/music!! Make your decision quickly - the lead time is now approaching 8 months as I understand it.
You're not alone Marklivia. I also own 3Asigs-- and really like them, but I want to end up with Vand. 5s as my "last speaker". I appreciated the comments of Avguy, Khrys, and Jkphoto above. Thanks. Craig.