Vandy 2WQ balanced crossover question

I just bought a 2WQ (here), which I am trying to dial in. I hope this question is not too lame. My issue is that I have balanced IC's, but the fixed value crossovers that I know about (and Richard recommends getting fixed value crosswovers) are for single-ended IC's. So, what are my options? I would prefer to keep my balanced SR IC's, which I am happy with.

Thanks in advance.

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You can get balanced fixed-value crossovers from Vandersteen through a Vandersteen dealer.

You can also use the adjustable crossover that was originally designed for the Model 5 loudspeakers. It sounds better than the fixed crossovers but is more expensive.
Ditto what Rex said, with an additional note. I have a set of fixed value crossovers configured for balanced by Richard--they cost about $250 at the time. If memory serves, you need to know the combined input impedance of your amp (both legs) to get the correct value for your fixed crossover. Or as Rex said, you will occasionally see the model 5 variable crossovers for sale here on a/gon and can configure the resistance yourself. It's been while since I've checked, but Richard used to maintain a blog on his site where you can ask him questions. Enjoy the sub--I've had mine for about 8 years and really like it.
Rex and Kjweisner--

Thanks for your advice. I will probably look for a while to see if I can get the variable crossover here, but otherwise I will contact a dealer and get a fixed value piece made up.

I am enjoying the sub already. I just cued up the recent Ondine Philadelphia Orchestra cd with Olivier Latry
inaugurating the new organ with Barber, Poulenc, and Saint Saens -- nice.

Thanks again.

Just to clarify and correct the above info:

You need a pair of Vandersteen Balanced X-2 filters which are custom made to match the PER LEG value of your amplifier's input impedance. [example: your amp might have an input impedance of 100K ohms PER LEG, also referred to as 200K ohms balanced (sum)]

The other option is the more expensive variable Balanced M5HP filters which will work with nearly any amplifier. Note that on these, the setting is based on the SUM OF THE TWO LEGS of your amp's input impedance. [using the above example the setting would for the same amplifier would be 200K ohms]

I'm a Vandersteen dealer.
Ditto what Dave Mitchell said
Read the well written owners manual.
You can also temporarily start with the RCA assessment box.
Play a Ray Brown Stand up Bass recording like Moon lite serenade until the systems sounds natural and alive.
You may also arrive at the adjustment being one
down from spec and adjust to preference. Some,rare power amps can even be best at 2 down like Rotel and some Brystons. The Vandersteen Five A high pass if you can squeeze it in is the best way to go.
Best of luck Johnnyr
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