Vandy 2W w/o crossover

There is a gent near me who has a Vandersteen 2W for a pretty good price. The catch is that he doesn't have a crossover for it and, apparently, never has (he bought the sub used). Can the 2W even be used without its crossover? I thought I'd required a proprietary crossover to function?
The Vandersteen 2W doesn't really have a crossover. It uses high quality resistor at the amplifier's inputs to cut off the speaker's low frequencies. This method only works if you have a separate amp and preamp. It is not intended to be used with an integrated amplifier or receiver. Since the 2W Vandersteen has developed another method for the later subwoofers, however, I am not familiar with it.
...just call Richard Vandersteen, and he'll give you the info you need. He's very approachable
Be careful how you ask Richard. He is approachable but he can be defensive and doesn't take criticism very well.
You will need the owners manual.
,Spikes, high Pass trial box.
and need to know the input imp of your amp.
once you figure it out you get the fixed units
You most definitely need the crossover to avoid damage to your equipment. Go to the website and download the owner's manual for the sub to learn all about it.

It will explain the entire process and what you need to set up the sub. You should be able to buy or borrow the WX-2 temporary adjustable crossover (high pass filter ) that you will need to use. The wx-2 will help you determine the value of the fixed crossover ( x-2 ) that you will then order through a Vandersteen dealer, or else you will wait for one of the correct value to show up here on Audiogon. It may take a while. However, you can use the temporary adjustable filer indefinitely, it just won't sound as good. I suggest that you post a message asking if anyone in your area has a wx-2 that they are willing to lend you. They also show up for sale every so often, for around $20-25.

Note that while the 2W and 2Wq are similar, they are not compatable with each other, so if you plan on getting a pair, you will need to make sure that the second one is the same type as the first.
Ditto to all of the above.
If he's been running it without a high pass filter in place be careful; these were not designed to operate for long under those conditions.
This can be done without the without the high pass trial box.
Hello all and thanks for all the very useful responses.

Yea, I am familiar with "Dick" Vandersteen. I have met him twice and spoken to him numerous times. He used his 'amazing' people skills to convince me to sell my entire seven-channel Vandy setup and buy from another manufacturer (which is how I became a Maggie 'ho; I suppose I should thank him and so should Magnepan). Anyway, while I appreciate the feedback, I won't have anything to do with him or any direct dealings with Vandersteen either.

Alas, it seems that this all but rules outs using this sub seeing as I would need to acquire a proprietary Vandersteen crossover of wait who knows how long for the exact thing I need to pop up. Owell, thanks anyway!!
Dick? People skills? Are we talking about the same guy?