Vandy 2ci's in mint condition or Totem Hawks

Help folks. I can pick up a pair of Vandersteen 2ci's in mint condition. I currently have Totem Hawks. I'm running Pass Aleph 2's with a Cary SLP-50B preamp. Mostly jazz, rock. Not a sound blaster at all. I enjoy the Hawks, but I remember hearing some 3a's (I think) a awhile ago and really enjoyed them, so I was wondering if the move to the 2ci's would be worth it. I enjoy the Hawks, mid's are silky smooth. But I'm starting to yearn for a fuller ranged speaker.
Thoughts? Thanks!!
It would be worth it for me to switch to the Vandersteens.
When you que up Cowboy Junkies "Trinity Revisited
with the Vandies, which are Phase and Time correct and Boxless "live recordings like above, will feel more like you are there.
Yes am also a Vandy dealer and yes even if they are 20 years old
Cheers johnnyR
The only speaker (and I confess to not having experience with a ton of the current models and designs) that did more for me than 2Cis were Carver Amazings, which are the second-best speaker I have ever heard, the best being Sound-Lab A1s (driven by Atma-Spheres).

It's really hard to go wrong with 2Cis. Had I not heard the Carvers, I'd probably still have mine. They just play music.
The Vandy 2Ci has to be the used speaker bargain champ. I don't have room for 'em in my current listening area (I use a Silverline Prelude/REL sub combo) but I love the sound of Vandys and had some 1Bs years ago that were amazing.
Thanks for all the responses, quite a lot of vandy fans. I actually went a totally different way. I picked up a pair of Von S's VR3's. I heard either these or the VR4 years ago and was stunned by the natural sound. Fast forward to now, while I truly enjoy the smooth mids of my hawks, Im looking for a 'bigger' sound to fill my large space. I will report back when I get them.