Vandy 2ci -- ??? Help with replacement ideas

My wife hates the Vandy's because they are so big. She has indicated that we could spend some money to replace them with something "more attractive that don't take up the entire living room."

I got these for about $400 and can probably sell them and end up with a budget of about $1000 for used speakers (new doesn't interest me much).

Any ideas so that I can keep the musicality of my system with slimmer speakers?


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You might want to have a listen to some of the smaller ProAc's, like the Studio 1 or Studio 100, or if your budget can stretch a little the Response 1. The larger floorstanding ProAc's, Response 2.5/2.8 or the newer D115, would be a good choice but they are more money. The Vandersteens will probably sound warmer, but you don't really want that in a smaller speaker since it means the upper bass has been boosted too much. I'm sure there are many other suggestions so this is just a start!
Totem or Quad
Vandy 1Cs. These are very similar to the 2Cs tonally. They differ most in their bass extension, and dynamics. They are easier to integrate into a room acoustically and visually. I also second the Totem recommendation. They are great speakers but are very different than the Vandersteens
I'm with Unsiund here. But more specifically the Shearwater Hot Rods which are in your price range used. I had a pair of 2CE Signatures that were just too dang big for my room. They were visually imposing. I replaced them with the Shearwater HRs and love their 3 dimensionality (is that a word?). I will probably keep these speakers for quite a while.
The company is defunct so used are a great buy and the parts quality is top notch. In fact the bass driver is same as used in some Proac Response series speaker. Good luck.
Find some good monitors and a sub. For a thousand you can do it and probably outperform the Vandy's at the same time! Unfortunately my knowledge of monitors to look at is worthless.
I have a pair of B&W 602S2's that I used until January when I got the Vandys. I have enjoyed the Vandys much more in comparison. Also, I have two cats, so while they didn't knock over the monitors, I was always afraid that they would. Floorstanders seem better suited to the cats.

My room is 19x13, 8' ceiling. My system is along the 19' wall. Left speaker is 7' from the wall (the front door is in that space) and the right speaker is 3.5' from the doorway to the kitchen.

The 13' wall that the kitchen doorway is in also has a 6'x3.5' cutout (the kitchen used to be the receptionist space of a doctor's office). THe kitchen is 9'x13'.

I include the kitchen information because the right side of the room has all of these "holes" into the kitchen so I thought that it might be of use knowing this when thinking of speakers.
I have noticed a few good deals on the Monitor Audio Silver series speakers latley. They all have a very small footprint and are very attractive. Sound pretty darn good to, very dynamic . I used to have a pair of the 5i's and really enjoyed them.
just got them today and will spend time breaking in.