Vandy 2ce Vs. Vandy 1c + subwoofer

I have Vandersteen 2Ce speakers powered by a Marantz PM 84D Int amplifier. The CD player is Denon 1650AR. The speakers take up a lot of visual space in my living room, and I am looking for smaller alternates. I have always been impressed with the Vandersteen 1 series speakers - my sister has a pair 1B's powered by an inexpensive NAD Int amp and it has a wonderful sound, very lifelike. The only problem is the low bass. I was wondering if the Vandy 1C with the Vandy subwoofer (2wq ?) would give me the full range sound that I like while taking up much less floor and visual space. I listen mostly to Classical music and classical rock and roll (Dire Straits, 60-70's stuff, Pearl Jam, Phish etc)


I had the 1b's with an old NAD 7220PE receiver and my Dad has the 2ce sigs run off a Bryston B60 integrated...if I were to go the Vandy route again...I would do the 1c's with a sub, as like yourself, I find the 2c's to be physically and visually imposing...and I still think that they need a sub.

just my 2c