Vandy 2ce Rogue Amp Pairing

Hi wondering if any Vandy owners have run either Rogue M-120 mono blocks or the 90. I would like to get a CDP that has volume control and run without an pre. I am trying to decide on very good monos or the 90 and CDP with volume or Atlas with Metis pre amp combo. I prefer not doing the Cronus in order to upgrade as time moves on. Any imput on these pairings welcome. Thanks, my first system. Cheers Dean
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I don't know about the Rogue 90, but the Rogue 120's (or, at least mine, which are the upgraded 120 Magnum version) put out a good amount of heat. If thats all right with you...the Rogue 120's are very nice amps in their price range... (above the average, IMO).

Quality wise...they are "more" than good enough to drive the Vandy long as they have enough power for your needs? (I don't know how loud you listen, or how large your room is?).

Mine are driving Apogee Duetta Signatures, or Apogee Stage most of the time (75-90db spl's)...I don't listen to music at "LOUD" spl' might? I also don't know the specs on your Vandy 2ce?

My Rogues are quiet, have very good bass grunt, nice hi-freq reproduction...and the midrange reproduction is where the tube sound comes into play.

My Rogues replaced a SS amp (Krell) around two years ago. BTW...Whats your budget for amp (s)....and preamp?

Mark from Rogue owns Vandys, last I knew. Give them a call - it's hard to imagine nicer or more helpful folks!
I have a Rogue Cronus driving Vandersteen 1C's, and it's a fantastic combination. I couldn't be happier with the way the amp and the speakers get along. A beautiful pairing !