Vandy 2 Repair

I have a chance to pick up a pair of old Vandy 2s from a neighbor for next to nothing. How hard is it to find parts, drivers, etc. for these. Thinking of trying to scratch together a second system as a fun project. Is serendipity smiling on me?
Most Vandersteen dealers will either carry or can get parts, drivers, etc. However, if much work is needed on the speakers you are thinking about buying, you might be best advised to send them to the Vandersteen factory in Hanford, CA.
Don't hesitate. Replaced the (paper??) woofer cones in my original 2Bs (purchased in 1979 or so) about 20 years later, with a new pair of woofers shipped from Vandersteen in CA. The new pair were polyprop, I think. As good as, or even better than, when new.