Vandersteens, PSB or something else?

I’m looking to upgrade my speakers and would appreciate some input. My system includes ayre amp, aesthetix calypso preamp, and vandy 2c sig IIs. The room is relatively large at 23’ wide (speakers on this side) by 27’. I would like speakers that are good at both music and home theatre. I plan to run HT pass through and 5.1 overall. For music, I listen to a lot of classic rock, blues and jazz. Not too much classical. I do enjoy live Dead and Allman Brothers. I’d like the speakers to image well and present a nice soundstage but also really draw me in emotionally to the music. For home theater, I’d like to be able to include a center channel and get a decent theater experience. The vandies, really no complaints, they have served me very well. But I have budget to take the next step and was thinking maybe the Treos. But once I make this next step, I would not be making any moves for a while, so wanted to explore other alternatives as well. The PSB Imagine T3’s seem to have been reviewed well and may be worth a test. My budget would allow for these, and I guess I could possibly go up to the quatro for the right deal. Any other ideas that, given my musical preference, room, budget could be worth a shot? I have to admit, sometimes I do wonder if the live recordings that I’m listening too would really benefit from a big upgrade to the speakers.

Realism? Magnepans? More like pleasant, euphonic colorations. Realistic presentation? Hardly.....A sub IS exactly what a Maggie needs.
+1 mr_m.
In fact Vandy subs are considered an excellent pairing with Maggies.
Have you actually heard Vandy subs with Magnepans?    Where?     Ive heard them    along with JLs and Rythmik

If you want more bass from a rbbon    you get a bigger ribbon

As to euphonic coloration, I honestly have no idea what you are talking about, you obviously have heard a different loudspeaker than I
There are no absolutes unless we are talking about statistics.  That's why audio is so much fun.  I purchased the Quatro's over the Maggies adn I could have fit the 20's if I wanted them.  Maggies are not easy to fit in a room properly.  That's the reality of them.  They also have to be padded down a bit with those resistors for my tastes or they are too hot.  I like them and I like them a lot, so not just being a fan boy.  For my ears Vandy's have the best tonality.  Value for the money???  Yes, but that's also at the top of their line too.  I've had my Quatro's up against the Persona 9H's and they clobbered them (persona's are to hot on top for my ears as well as many of us who have heard them).  I like them better than the Magico S3 mk 2 (whatever their newest is).  Better timber etc...  Magicos for my ears aren't coherent.  I like them better than the new B&W's (all of them as they are was too up front for ME).

Marteen's are nice speakers.  I actually like Tidal's too, but too expensive and they have some issues also.  The problem I have with Marteen's is personal.  I won't do business with companies who sell out the back door and screw the dealer.  That's fine for us if we want a great 'deal', however it also clobbers resale value.  I have the same problem with Pass.  Again, just my thoughts and not saying you are wrong saying what you say about Maggies.  

You can't make a perfect speaker.  Just not happening anytime soon.  Teh best designers know what compromises to make. That's where I feel Richard is better than anyone going.  He's been around, has passion and knows what he's doing.  

To me it's exciting to see where he's taking things.  Those Sub 9's I have been told are amazing.  So easy to use that EQ to mate to the room.  I can't believe how great my Quatro's bass is as I have such a difficult room.  It's been a blessing to be honest.