Vandersteen3asig pre BATVK5i , whats the best amp

How would a Bryston 4bsst go with this combo or is a tubed amp better.
I have had two pairs of Vandersteen 3A sigs. and used them first with a 100watt Audio Research tube amp, then 100 watt Jeff Rowland Mono Blocks, then the Theta Dreadnaught.
The speakers turned into a whole different animal when I used 4 of the Dreadnaughts channels to vertically bi-amp the speakers. Bottom line, to really enjoy the best from these speakers biamp them. This can be done without spending a lot of money by getting a used multi channel amp.
My Vandersteen 5s respond well to tube amplification (BAT VK-60 monoblocks). Good Luck! Joe
Another amp to consider is the BAT VK200. It has drive similar to the Bryston, but not nearly as bright sounding. When used with the VK5i it is best to use balanced connections.