Vandersteen x-over and IC?

Since much of the sound of an interconnect is determined by the RLC electrical parameters of the IC and the output and input impedance between the components, does the use of the 2Wq x-over box that connects between preamp and amp alter the or change the perfomance of the main interconnect attached to the x-over? I would imagine the x-over and its capacitors alters the electrical relationship between the pre and amp - but I don't know.
I'm certain that it would alter the sonics and loading characteristics of the circuit as it was installed / removed from the circuit. To what extent this occurs will vary depending on the components and cabling being used. Sean
Are you talking about the cheap-and-cheesy temporary crossover that comes with the sub? That crossover is included so that you can you can find the proper crossover values and then buy or build permanent crossovers. The temporary crossover definitely colors the sound much more than higher-quality crossovers would.
The circuit within the crossover would have a much larger effect than the wiring itself, imo. Hence the need to either purchase the better modules or build your own.

Of course, if you build your own you can choose the kind of wiring that you want to use.
I bought the x-overs designed for the 5As - which are supposed to be good. I just wonder if the pre to amp interconnect becomes less important in matching with the amp since it would seem the presence of the x-over would play a much greater role in the quality of sound and matching the circuit(?) between the pre and amp.
The 5A crossover definitely has an effect, but it's pretty minimal. In my system the interconnect between the pre and amp still makes a difference. I can easily hear differences when the interconnects are changed out, even with the 5A crossovers in place.