Vandersteen VLR Speakers

Does anyone know if the Vandersteen VLR speakers are worth it? Do they really sound good? I am considering getting a couple for rear surround sound. They retail for $1000. Has anyone ever seen them for sale used? I have a multi channel Audio Refinement Preamp and AMP along with the Vandersteenn 2ce signatures and one Vandersteen 2wq subwoofer. My room is small, about 15ft x 15ft. The rear speakers would have to be on the corners of the rear walls at ear level close to my head. Should I go for the VLR'S or something else? I'm thinking Vandersteen all the way around is the way to go for consistent imaging etc...
I'm using VLRs as the back speakers in a 7.1 system. They work great. Sound good too.
Thanks for the info Rex. Does anyone know what kind of speaker cable to use on these speakers? I'm considering Audioquest type 4. I guess it's around $4.00 a foot. I don't know how important speaker wire is for the rears. I've had a guy tell me that Audioquest 16/2 Flex would be good enough at $1.00 a foot. I have never heard of that stuff. It's not on their web page.
What are the VLR's? I am using 4 VSM for souround ane they are the best sourounds I have ever had. totally unable to localise the speaker just blends into the room. I had long in wall runs to do so I just got 12g cl3 speaker wire from parts express and kept the lengts the same. I'm sure better wire like kimber might be a tad better but sounds really good with this. A powerful amp made the bigest difference I am running 175 W per channel on my sourounds.