Vandersteen vlr or excite x14i have bith

I have both tube and solid state integrated amplifiers. My listening room is approximately 14 by 22. My dac is a rega DAC and I use a Sony sacd as a disc reader.I am considering the purchase of either a used vandersteen vlr or dynaudio x-14 which would be new. My room is lively and speakers I have enjoyed in the past are proac and Nola. Any thoughts. Thank you.
I own the VLR's as well as Treo's, so I am biased towards Vandy's.
But, seeing how you liked ProAc's, I would say you will probably like Vandersteen.
Remember the VLR's were designed to be bookshelf speakers. So, having near the wall/corners will be the best position to allow the bass to shine.
I have a pair of HSU subs to fill out the low end, but I was very impressed by how much bass those VLR's put out by themselves.
I have no experience with DynAudio so I can't give you any info there.

I would agree with rbischoff
I have VLRs that I purchased to do Music and TV duty in my family room.   I drove them with a Rega Brio-R 2017 and found them extremely musical and refined for music.   The sealed cabinet gives very clean and musical bass; I had them up close to a wall.    For TV duty though I wanted more punch and tried Focal 906s which have a larger cabinet and front port.   I found the 906 to offer a little more detail but also a more forward presentation.   The 906s work better for me when watching Movies so I'm going to keep them and have listed the VLRs. 

Let me know if you decide to grab used VLRs...   I would love to keep them if I had another room to setup a music only system in.   You can sit and listen to them for hours with zero fatigue.
I owned a lot of Proac's over the years and switched to Vandersteen's (Treo and not Quatro CT) and LOVE my system.  Good luck