Vandersteen VLR CT

Just noticed that the VLR CT is now on the Vandersteen website:

Eager to hear any impressions on this little guy.
My regular VLR's sound pretty amazing for their small size. I'm sure the CT version is worth the money if you want a small package and need super sound.
If I get to Audioconnection, I'll see if Johnny can set up a demo of the two.


Richard will be in my neighborhood at Stereo Unlimited San Diego on the 26th of February- hopefully with a pair but as Bruce displays everything, he may already have them....
when I spoke to RV he had just sent a prototype pair to a dealer who loved them - May have been Johnny R

i think a pair of VLR-CT on Sound Anchor stands with sub 3 would be astounding

i have heard the regular VLR many many times at Advanced Audio in Tacoma w modest power...sweet

but I am biased...
Thanks guys.  Will keep an eye out for your updates. If Johnny has a pair I will have to find time to hear them myself.  

Anyone know if there are any changes to the mid/woofer driver in the VLR CT?  
"Anyone know if there are any changes to the mid/woofer driver in the VLR CT?"

I have to wonder if Vandersteen had to in part raise the rent on VLR Wood by changing the tweeter to "CT". Surely they changed the binding posts as well. That is a big price hike, not that I am criticizing. That happens all the time plus the bane of inexpensive bookshelves in my experience is the tweeter.  
Ohala, you may be right; I have no inside information on that front.  My interest stems more from the fact that the mid/woofer driver operates up to 3500 Hz (with a 1st order crossover, of course).  I know the carbon tweeter will be pistonic, but I'm doubtful that a conventional 6.5" mid/woofer would be fully pistonic in that configuration.  I hope I'm wrong.  :)
sometimes picking up the phone is hyper productive and cuts thru speculation ( my own included )... press 2 to connect with Richard...he is working today..

yes, very pistonic
no change to binding post, they utilize terminal strips same as used everywhere in the line which facilitates a direct connection to the wire needed.  ( as an aside, for those of us who have taken Vandersteen apart to replace crossover bias batteries in the 5a for example understand how cool and robust the direct connection is !!!!! )
yes some upgraded and changed components in the filters
and unlike the regular VLR
they go into anechoic chamber for hand tuning to the drivers...
the RV builds the carbon tweeter dome in house...

so add all that up and to me anyway does not sound like rent jacking....

Jon at Ultra Fidelis has sold many, many pair of the new VLR-CT

suggest a phone call to him as well.

best to all, enjoy the music !!!!!

disclosure, I own 3 pair of Vandersteen in a collection of ten pair of speakers...well ten is the number I use for WAF....
I wish he would offer the CT upgrade for my Treo's.
I need to let Johnny look at my AX-7e, I will try to see if he can set the two speakers up for a demo.
Awesome.  Thanks @gdnrbob!

Is it within your budget to possibly sell/trade your standard Treo's and get the CT version? A couple of years ago RV told me the Carbon Tweets were about $1500 per pair. Said he could make two pair a day. Sounds pretty labor intensive.
@mr_m ,
I wish I could buy them new.
And, I haven't seen any used Treo CT's on Hifi Shark, either, which is probably a good thing, as that means people don't want to change.
To be honest, I think my non-CT Treo's are amazing. Since I can't go that route, I am trying to sell some unused equipment and get the Sub 3's.
If by some miracle, Mr. V. would do an upgrade, I would have to get another pair of speakers to listen to while they are in the shop.
I've had my eyes on a pair of MBL 126's for some time. I haven't heard them, but I like the design, and heard good things about them.
I will agree, there's nothing wrong with the standard Treo's. I've been looking at the sub 3 also. I've got a few bass node problems that can't be fixed with the limited controls of the 2Wq sub. Jim (tomic601) had some good ideas that I used with using furniture in strategic places to reflect the sound rather than absorb. Pretty amazed with the results.
might be time to start the Vanderecycling club.... cycle them to the next happy owner...

last week was a Treo CT moved to get Quattro CT so that owner could get 7’

but as Tim ( @mr_m  ) says..working the setup and room can yield amazing improvements.....

have fun, enjoy the music....
Ultra Fidelis may be demoing a pair of VLR CT’s at Axpona in April.  Currently own the base model, which is incredible.