Vandersteen VCC or 2ci as a center channel?

I am using Vandy 2ci as front channels, Magnepan MMG as rear and I am looking for a center channel. Any reason not to buy a pair of used 2ci (two for the same price as one VCC1)? I can use one 2ci as a center on its side at the base of the big screen and the second speaker for the rear center when the new 6.1 system becomes more popular. Or, is there something the VCC offer that the 2ci does not?
You need to read the descriptions on Vandersteens' website. The 2ci's are made to sit upright, the tweeter and midrange are slightly sloped. You will be better off with a VCC . Although I would use the second pair of 2ci's for the rear, they will blend much better and your bass response will be improved with full range speakers in the rear. Watch your volume levels on some videos, its' only an 8" woofer.
I use 3a sig in front with 2ci in back, I am searching for a VCC sig. I aiso have (2) 2wq subs... highly reccommended for video.

Checkout this website;
I concur with Gbryant's comments. The VCC-1 uses a single, coaxial speaker to provide point source sound, and it also has a "proximity switch" on the back panel which compensates for whether the speaker is mounted below and in front of the video screen, or above / on top of the monitor. The full-range 2Ci could be used a center channel speaker, but it would need to stand upright.

A further comment for Gbryant: I owned the VCC-1, and had it upgraded to the "Signature" model. Based on my own experience, I cannot recommend spending the extra money for the "Signature" version. There is so little difference in the performance of the two models that I would not spend the extra money again to upgrade to the "Signature" VCC-1. If one genuinely needs better center channel performance than the standard VCC-1 offers, then you should probably spring for the much-superior VCC-5. (The VCC-5 provides a much wider soundstage than the VCC-1, which will make a difference if you have the main speakers spaced widely apart. If the main speakers are fairly close together, however, I don't think the VCC-5 is really necessary.)
Another option may be the Vandy VSM’s surrounds. In my system I use a set for the two front mains, two (2) 2WQ subs and VCC-1 for the center. Snell ceiling mount speakers are use for the sides and rears. Just a thought...