Vandersteen VCC-1 center and the 2WQ subwoofer

I was wondering if anyone has ever tried hooking up the Vandersteen VCC-1 in combination with a 2WQ subwoofer so that the deep frequencies are set to the subwoofer rather than all the info coming from the center channel. Does it help make a system sound more open and warm? The manual says not to try this arrangement. The manual says a 2wq can be used with the surround speakers so why not the center. I'm thinking someone out there might be doing this arrangement anyways. Is it worth it?
You're better off getting the VCC-5 in this case. It has plenty of extension and does a superb job. You'll also find that the center channel can be blended into the sub or L/R speaker with some processors. You probably won't need to if you have the VCC-5, but it's worth experimenting with.
Good luck!
I agree with Mikej - if you're looking for more bass extension from the center channel, get the VCC-5. The problem with adding a sub to the center channel is that you tend to get dialog intelligiblity problems - the opposite of "open." The VCC-5 goes low enough to deliver satsifying bass, but doesn't smear movie dialog.
Thanks for the response. Have either of you upgraded from the VCC-1 to the VCC-5? Was the sound difference a big improvement? I use my system mainly for music and not movie watching.
The sound difference between the two is enourmous. I have a VCC-1 in my living room system and there's really no comparison. The VCC-5 is the best CC I've ever heard. Add a couple of Vandersteen full range speakers on the sides with a good processor and you're set.
I had a VCC-1. I borrowed my dealer's VCC-5 for a long weekend, and installed it in place of the VCC-1. I took the dealer's VCC-5 back on Tuesday morning, and placed an order for a VCC-5. The VCC-5 is amazing. The amount of additional detail and clarity you get has to be heard to be believed.
Thanks again for the responses. I assume the Vcc-5 is hooked up the same way as the Vcc-1. Mr. Vandersteen hasn't upgrade the Vcc-5 since it's introduction in 2001 has he?
Yes, it's hooked up in the same way. No, it hasn't been changed that I know of.