Vandersteen V2W subs

Is it quite rare to see a used one for sale here? I've got one in my audio system, and have kept my eyes peeled for another yet it seems they never show up.
about 1 for every 10 or 20 2ws or 2wqs.
Thanks Swampwalker . . . so about every 10th blue moon I might see one listed.
what are the differences between the three models? I have a 2w and think it's the best.
The 2w is the old one, which takes speaker-level input from the amplifier. It's no longer made, the 2wq is the updated version that replaced it sometime in the mid-90s. The V2W is the HT-oriented one intended for use in a ".1" system, with line-level input and some extra porting.
i would say that i see about 5 or 10 a year.