Vandersteen V2W or 2WQ

I am trying to build my first home theater setup.

My current set up is as follows:

Lexicon DC-1
Vandersteen 2CE sigs
Vandersteen VCC1
NAD 2700THX for the mains and NAD 2600A for the Center

I am trying to decide which of the two above woofers would work best with my setup. Also, the pros/cons to each? I will primarily use this for movies. I am leaning towards the V2W. Any thoughts would be appreciated. How does Velodyne subs compare?

By the way, what is a good subwoofer cable to use from the subwoofer output of the Lexicon DC-1 to the V2W if I go that route?

Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions.
If your primary goal was music reproduction, you would be best served with the 2Wq. It is a very "musical" subwoofer. Since your primary goal is HT, you need to get the V2W. It is much better suited to explosions/train wrecks/cannon-fire than the 2Wq.

AudioQuest makes some subwoofer cables that mate perfectly with the V2W. The cables even have a built-in drain wire setup.
2 totally different subs for different purposes. The v2w is the sub, the 2wq is a add on to the speakers to tighen the bass and make it deeper.

A sub will cause the rummble and effects in a move that is the v2w that is what you want. If you don't have a sub get this, you would/should not use it for 2 channel music.

If you wanted tigher bass and to take some of the bass away from you mains allowing your amps to run just the highs you would go with the 2wq. The 2wq is a worthwile addition it really tighens the bass and makes it deeper.
Rex and Programmergeek,

thanks for your advice.
Any thoughts on Velodyne subs?

Rex, any particular model that you recommend from audioquest for the subwoofer cable?
I have a velodyne 12" and 15" In fact I am selling the 12FSR to get the vandersteen sub. THe Vandersteen sub is faster nice in a room with wood floors. If you have concreat floors you may want to try it first, I just don't know how it would do. Anyhow If you have vandersteens the sub will match the speakers better with reguards to speed and clarity. Really depends on your use. If you are going to use it in music hands down the vandersteen. If for movies the vandersteen is cheaper usally and there are more around used. both are top notch subs.

Thanks for your thoughts. I'm leaning towards the V2W since my primary goal will be movies. What would you recommend as a good subwoofer cable for the V2W. I know that Rex recommended the Audioquest, but there are so many. What would be a good brand and model number. thanks again.