Vandersteen users: How low can you go with tubes

Hey all, could use some insight from people who have experience with Vandersteen 2ce speakers. I am in the process of upgrading my system, both amps and speakers. I am pretty much set on a pair of Vandersteen 2ce sigs. I noticed they are 87 db efficient with recommended minimum 40 watts power requirement. Still researching and trying to listen to amps, but I am considering moderately-priced integrated amps such as Rogue Tempest Magnum (60 watts), Unison Unico (80 watts ss), or perhaps a used ARC CA-50 (45 watts?). I would really like to go with a good tube amp but not sure I can afford the power I would need to drive these speakers, particularly with separates. Anyone have any insight about how well these speakers do with amps in the 50-80 watt power range? I listen to a wide variety of music, usually low to moderate volumes. Thanks!
I have the Vandies, and have heard them driven perfectly well by a Audio Research VT-55. For what it's worth!
I have 2ce sigs that are driven by a 50wpc ARC VT-60. There is plenty of power and they sound fantastic.
50W OK 80W certainly better. Vandies will benefit from higher power but so as they someway will from tubes(as any other speaker depending on one's tastes). In your budget I'd go for Quicksilver M60 monos with KT90 that will swing them at 90W/ch or VTL MB125 used. Both in your price range.

Good luck.
At low to medium volumes, any of the amps will do fine as for power. The only caveat to tube amplification is you want to check and make sure the Vandersteen's low end sounds suitable using the amp you select. Sometimes, the low end can sound bloated with the wrong amp. The ARC amps are wonderful with this speaker.
Also, make sure you get these speakers set up correctly. It takes some time experimenting but it is well worth the effort. Follow the instruction manual and all will be fine.
If, depending on room size, you want to go over about 85db, you might want to look at more power. A good test is track one of the original Jurassic Park CD. It will let you know pretty quick about your bottom end requirements.
Since you listen to music at low to moderate levels, 50-60 watts should do the trick. My ARC Classic 60 (60 watts) does a supreme job and I listen to music at high volume levels. Very wise choice going with tubes...good luck!
I think Bigtee is right on.
It sounds like you're comitted to an integrated, but if you're not, another option is a tube pre with a ss amp. I'm powering my 2ces w/ a cj 10al and a mccormack dna .5. Together, they'd cost less than a used rogue and you wouldn't have to worry about power.
I like the Rogue Tempest's flexibility, i.e.. you can add an eighty eight amp later and double the power to your Vandies if you want more power or change to even less efficient speakers. It's an even better buy used.
Take a look at the MANLEY STINGRAY. It is intigrated @ 50 watts a channel the only thing better than the price is the sound. You will find listings here on Audiogon at some bargin prices. The reviews on this product have been Great!

Good Listening,
I'm driving a pair of Vandersteen 2c's with a Cary CAD-808/Rocket 88. I have a pretty small listening room, and I don't play music all that loud, but I'm finding that the Cary's 20 WPC triode mode gives me plenty of power.
i have used my aronov intergrated 60watt with my old 2ci and i am now driving vandy 3asig--this is a great match with the vandys 2s and 3s
i found the bass was full and defined and the midrange with the aronov was great these go used for 1200 to 1400 on audiogon--i have had mine for over 4 years and it is the best value i have seen
In a small (10x12) room, I was able to use a 30 watt Berning EA-230, but this would not work in a larger room. I then got the 60 watt Quicksilver Mono's which worked fine for many years. I also used the 90 watt Silver 90's which had better bass than the 60 watter's, but even with the 60 watt's, I never heard them clip. This was in a 12x22 room. The Quicksilvers are a very synergistic match. I also used an 80 watt AMC tube hybrid, which sounded good too; very cheap, but not quite as refined as the Quicksilver's.
Thanks for all of the excellent information and amp recommendations. I am pretty partial to ARC right now, mostly because this is the only brand that I have been able to audition carefully and really liked the sound. Not to mention the extensive used market. Trying to stay flexible on the amps, but it's a tough decision when you don't live near many dealers and cannot use your own ears. I guess after a while you have to say to hell with it and take the plunge. By the way, has anyone had a chance to listen to the new ARC VS55 or VS110? Maybe I'll start a new thread on that one.
Thanks again!