Vandersteen Upgrade Path

I currently have the Vandy 2ci, the 2wq and the Vandersteen center channel for HT (not sure I really need it though since I usually sit right in the middle). Anyway I am thinking of upgrading and was wondering if it would make sense to add a second sub or get the 2ce signatures and continute to make to do with one sub (at least for now)Upgrading to the 3A sigs would be too big a stretch on my budget (unless I sold off the 2wq and center channel that is). Any thoughts?
How serious is your 2 channel listening relative to your movie listening? If 2 channel is important go for the 2CEs, although the 2CI is a very good speaker. If movies are important, how good is the LF sound in your room? If your not satisfied, perhaps another 2WQ is in order. If neither is a big jump, maybe you should save the $ or spend it on software?
You could probably find a used pair of the Vandy 3A's (not the Signature model) that is within your budget. Last year, I bought my son a "low mileage" used pair of 3A's AND a VCC-1 center channel for $1500 for everything. If you post a "want to buy" here on A-gon, you may find a similar deal if you are patient. If you get the 3A's, you can have them upgraded to the Signature model sometime in the future. Both the 3A and the 3A Sigs are a significant improvement over the 2Ce Sig's.
I'll bow to Sdcampbell on this as he much more experience with Vandersteens than I have. How ever, my instincts tell me that a second sub might be very effective. Perhaps you might want to ask Richard Vandersteen himself. Mr. Vandersteen has a well deserved reputation for being a very direct straight shooter.
You don't really say what you don't like about your system.

Is your room sufficiently large as to demand a sub (or two)? Do you really like that home theater "boom boom"? Have you listened (and enjoyed your system without the sub? Are your speakers optimally placed? Is your room treated?

What's your mix of HT and 2-channel? If you always sit "in the middle" does your center channel represent money that could be better spent elsewhere in you system?

Why do you want to upgrade your 2ci speakers? Have you listened to the differences between the 2ce Sigs and the 3a Sigs? What does the rest of your system look like? Are the rest of your components "worthy" of upgraded speakers?

All of the above listed answers are valid and correct...just depends on what the question really is.
Wow tuff situation. I like the idear of going to the threes. I talked to alot of people when I had my 2cesig and got the 2w. The people with the 3 would not for the most part use the 2w becase they thought the bass was good enought. Not quite as good as using the sub but good. So you could sell the sub and your 2 and get threes but I hate to tell you to dump the sub incase you are unsatified with out it. Or maybe save a bit more till you can get the threes.
Just for clarification. My suggestion for two subs has little to do with adding more boom to the room. Excepting of course recordings with a discrete .1 channel, summing the bass frequency of stereo recordings to one mono sub, IMHO, doesn't work as well as using two subs. On the other hand, going with a larger pair of full frequency mains sans sub might just be the ticket.
I agree with Unsound in regards to, 2 subs giving you more base. I have 2- 2wqs and 3a signatures the improvement is more in the resolution of the mids and highs of the sigs, of course with great bass. If you are using more for HT you definitly need a sub even with the 3a sigs. I would get another sub or get the 2ce sigs and my 3a sigs are for sale at a great price.
After reading SDcampbell's post, I agree with it. Regular 3A's with the possibility to upgrade in the future if you so choose.
I was not thinking of that possibility before at all!

You haven't made any specific requirements in your request so I'll try and cover the general stuff. If you're looking for improved sonics with a small budget outlay get the 2Ce Signatures as Will suggests. This speaker is MUCH better than you probably think/expect. If you're looking for better movie sound for yourself get the 2Ce Sigs. Also, look at your source and processor as they will make huge differences in what you hear from any speaker. Subs are only going to improve the bass. So while this is sometimes worthwhile, you should only consider it if you already have done the L/R speaker upgrade IMHO.
No matter what, you should contact your Vandersteen dealer and talk to them about it. They can advise you better as they'll know more about your system, room and preferences.
Happy Holidays!